Deepwoken: Best Way To Farm EXP Guide

An easy way to get EXP without taking any risks!

Deepwoken: Best Way To Farm EXP Guide

Deepwoken is a Roblox RPG game where you travel to many different areas, fight enemies, and obtain powerful items. Leveling is an essential part of the game, with some talents, items, and enchantments requiring you to reach a certain level.

In this guide, we will show you one easy way to level up. Keep in mind that this guide will only focus on one easy way that is beginner-friendly and risk-free.

Instead of fighting stronger enemies and risking losing your character, it is sometimes good to go for safer methods as a beginner.

Deepwoken: Best Way To Farm EXP Guide

As a beginner player, your easiest way of gaining EXP is by defeating the King Thresher. The specific King Thresher you want to look for is the one at the Lightkeeper Temple. With any build, you can defeat this boss without much difficulty since it is very beginner-friendly.

The temple is located behind Widow’s Hollow. You may choose to go around, where you’ll have to climb the mountain and follow a set of stairs, or you can go through the room where the Widow is.

This is also one of the areas you have already visited earlier where you wash your face and receive a teleporting feature.

Deepwoken King Thresher for best EXP Farm

The reason why you want to find the King Tresher here is because it is in the Void Zone. The Void Zone in the game is one of the areas where you receive extra EXP for fighting enemies.

This is also an event that can give you a chest. Upon opening the chest, you will receive some rewards along with EXP, so that’s even more for you to get.

To receive more rewards, consider hopping between servers so you can farm the King Tresher without having to wait for the respawn timer to end.

Deepwoken King Thresher for best EXP Farm Rewards

This method is as good as farming the Widow Boss, with the amount of EXP being roughly the same. However, you should consider switching to this boss when you are stronger since you can also receive better items from being a stronger boss.

For that, consider checking our latest Meta & Best Builds Guide in Deepwoken!

Keep in mind that this method only focuses on EXP as the main goal, so if you are also looking for items, you can also try defeating harder bosses!

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