Defeat Beisht Before She Can Dive 4 Times Guide | Genshin Impact

Defeat Beisht before it can counterattack and transform!

Beisht is the wife of Osial that is threatening the lives of people in Liyue. In the Oceanic Defender Challenge, it is your task to defeat Beisht and restore peace. This guide will show you how you can defeat Beisht before she can dive 4 times.

Defeat Beisht before she dives 4 times — Genshin Impact

One of the challenges in the Oceanic Defender challenge is to defeat Beisht before she can dive 4 times.

Go to the event area and start the Oceanic Defender challenge. Be sure to eat any food buffs you can and bring your best team before starting the challenge.

When the battle starts, you will notice that Beisht will have 3 health bars. Throughout the fight, she will dive under after a specific amount of time. Your goal is to deal as much damage as possible to prevent Beisht from diving 4 times.

After starting the fight, immediately unleash all the elemental bursts and damage you can on Beisht. Stay on the edge and aim to drop her middle health bar to zero. Afterwards, she will transform and will have a different set of attacks.

When Beisht unleashes the powerful line attack, get underneath its head when it charges so you can deal damage while she is doing the attack. Keep doing this and you should get to the final form where she launches projectiles from above.

If you have a shield character like Zhongli or Diona, you can use them to absorb the damage while your main DPS attacks.

Complete the challenge and you will get 30,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit.

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