Demon Piece: Best Race Tier List

What are the best (and worst) races in this One Piece Roblox game?

Demon Piece is another new addition to the long line of One Piece games on Roblox, and there is a lot of RNG involved when it comes to building your character in it. One aspect that you will have to roll a dice for is your race, which you can reroll in various ways. In this tier list, we will be ranking each race by how good they are!

Best Race Tier List

Before we begin, it should be noted that this tier list is purely subjective, so you are free to disagree with the choices made here. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below if you have other opinions on the game’s races!

Demon Piece player rerolling into a Mink


The races in this tier are generally considered to be the absolute best you can get due to the bonuses they give. If you get one of these, don’treroll because you’re already set for life!

  • Cyborg (5% chance to get) – This race gives you +5% bonus damage to literally everything, making it an amazing race overall. The added cosmetic changes are just the cherry on top!
  • Mink (15% chance to get) – Mink gives you 15% bonus movement speed and 15% extra stamina. I’m putting it way up here solely because it is great for grinding, as movement speed is, in my opinion, heavily underrated for questing.


The races here are still pretty good, but I would put them under a lower rating because they seem to have much more niche uses. They’re still great to keep if you don’t have any means of rerolling though.

  • Lunarian (5% chance to get) – This one gives you 2x burn damage, immunity to burn, and the chance of burning on basic attacks. It’s very niche and will likely only be great if you are using the flame devil fruit, but it will be busted with that combo.
  • Skypian (20% chance to get) – I’m going to be a bit biased here because this is what I’m currently using, but Skypians get higher jump height and an extra Geppo. There are some cases where this added mobility helps in grinding, especially if you aren’t using a fruit that can fly.
My Demon Piece character showing off the Skypian wings


These races aren’t really all that great, but they may come in handy in very specific situations. They don’t offer too much utility, so you can freely reroll out of them if you want to unless you like the aesthetic changes.

  • Fishman (15% chance to get) – This race will allow you to swim faster and lets you travel across water even as a fruit user. As good as that may sound, there are much better ways to travel, such as flying or simply buying a boat for essentially chump change.
  • Oni (10% chance to get) – Onis get some cool horns on their head, but their effect is mainly just 10% bonus resistance to swords and fighting styles. It is a very inconsequential buff since most players use devil fruits to fight anyway, and you don’t want to get hit in PVE either.

Human Tier

Human deserves its own tier solely because of how useless it is. With a high 30% chance to get, this race gets literally nothing special and should be rerolled immediately if you get it.

Either spend some Robux to potentially get quite literally any other race or find an orb by defeating certain world bosses that can be found on various islands to get out of human hell.

And that concludes this tier list for all of the races currently implemented in this One Piece fan game. If you are still new to the game, you should check out our complete beginner’s guide for Demon Piece to get your pirate (or marine) adventure started!


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