Demonfall: Complete Leveling & Prestige Guide in Update 5.0

Learn how to level up as fast as you possibly can in this game!

Demonfall is an RPG on Roblox that is heavily inspired by the widely popular Demon Slayer manga and anime franchise, and it has just gotten a huge new update. In this guide, we will be giving you a few tips on how to level up quickly so you can start exploring all of the new stuff introduced with the recently released chunky patch.

Complete Leveling & Prestige Guide in Update 5.0

When it comes to leveling and being able to prestige in this game, all you really need to do is to find an activity that you personally enjoy that also happens to give a lot of exp.

If you are unsure of what activities to do because you’re new or haven’t played the game in a long time, then check the different methods listed down in the following sections of this guide.

Also, if you are a returning player, check out our guide detailing the changes in Update 5 for Demonfall to get up to speed with what the developer added after their years-long hiatus.

new Demonfall player standing in a village

Method #1 – Cheesing Bosses

Well, technically you will only be gunning after one boss, and that is Gyutaro, who can be found in the entertainment district.At any level, you can pretty much beat this boss with some very cheesy tactics.

The method is simple, and all you need is to have shoulder bash. Basically, after aggroing the boss and giving him a second to use his ability, just rush in with shoulder bash and hit him with an entire string of normal attacks.

After your string of up to four M1 attacks, hold your block up until he attacks and then go for another string. From here, just repeat everything you did until he goes down. As long as you do it correctly, you will whittle his health down without taking any damage yourself.

Although this method is very easy and straightforward, it has one major downside. The boss has a fairly long respawn timer, so you can’t just sit there and repeatedly beat him up for EXP. You will need to mix in other methods as well.

Demonfall player fighting gyutaro using the designated strategy

Method #2 – Doing Slayer Missions

As a slayer, you can get various repeatable missions from your crow, which are not particularly hard and can give a decent chunk of EXP on completion. They’re quick to finish too, so the only issue here will be whether you mind repeating them or not.

If you get a quest type that you don’t like, you can just reset your character. Doing this will allow you to get a new mission assignment. Just grind these out while waiting for the boss to respawn for maximum efficiency.

Demonfall player receiving missions from their crow

Method #3 – Infinity Castle (GROUP)

The Infinity Castle raid activity is a decent way to farm EXP if you have a group. This involves killing three different bosses, each of which will give you thousands of EXP on death.

Again, this is mainly only recommended if you have a competent group helping you out due to how difficult this content can be. You can also join random players, but your mileage may vary if you choose to do so.

Solo is still possible, but it is not recommended if you want to level up quickly. If you can’t get a decent group for this bit of content, skip it for slayer missions instead.

Demonfall players participating in the infinity castle raid

Method #4 – Other Raids (GROUP)

In one corner of Kamakura Village, you will find an NPC who will let you participate in raids, which require at least Prestige 5 to join. If you aren’t sure how prestige works, we’ll cover it in the next section of the guide.

This game mode is basically a survival challenge wherein you have to fight through 20 waves of enemies. A boss will show up every five or so waves, so be ready for a tough fight at all times. This is another activity that will require a group in order to do efficiently. Again, if you can’t find a decent group to play this mode with, you will do just fine with slayer missions and boss cheesing.

Although each boss in the raid give increasing amounts of EXP, there is one thing preventing you from endlessly farming them. Raids have a two hour cooldown, so unless you plan on joining random people, you will need to wait a while after a few runs with your group.

Needless to say, this is the best method for gaining EXP after you have met the Prestige 5 requirement. The real challenge will be finding people to consistently run raids with you.

Demonfall players participating in a raid currently on wave 5

Prestige System

In case you aren’t aware, prestige is done through an NPC name Murata, who is also in Kamakura Village. You need to be a certain level before Murata will agree to let you prestige, however, which is why you need a lot of EXP.

Undergoing through prestige will reset everything except for your clan. Although doing so may sound silly, you actually get a few benefits in exchange for your leveling progress.

Most notably, you get a 20% bonus EXP buff, which will further speed up your leveling. If you are a solo player, it is recommended to at least go for your first prestige immediately and continue spamming missions to prepare yourself for raids later on.

Demonfall player about to prestige through murata

And that is pretty much everything you need to know in order to level up quickly in the game, as well as how and why you should prestige whenever possible. If you’re looking for other anime games to try on Roblox, consider checking out our beginner’s guide for Anime Defenders too!


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