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Destiny 2: Europa Chest Guide

Get all the stasis-sealed chests in Europa!

Europa is a desolate moon, but it is filled with enemies and quests to complete. One of the quests in Europa is called the Europa Chest, asking you to look for the stasis-sealed chests around the map. This guide will show you how you can get all of the chests to complete the quest.

Europa Chest Guide— Destiny 2

The first thing you want to do is talk to Variks the Loyal in Charon’s Crossing. Under the quest tab,  accept the quest for the Europa Chest. Teleport to the Eventide Ruins on the northwestern part of the map.

Once you are in the ruins, head north to the area on the map above. Go inside the building and the lift should bring you to the upper floor. Go to the exit on the northeast and keep going north until you reach the Riis-reborn approach area.

Keep going north and at the end of the path, turn left towards the building.  Go inside the building using the entrance to the north and you will see the first chest underneath the staircase.

Unseal the chest and go up the staircase. Go inside the tunnel and climb the staircase that leads to a door. This door will lead you outside.

Turn left and keep going north towards the next building. Go inside the building and climb the staircase. Turn right and enter the entrance here.

Go use the lift to the north to get to the upper floor. Climb the staircase and you will see the second sealed chest on the upper left platform.

Now go to the north side of the room and use the portal here and keep going north until you reach a fork leading to your left.

Turn left and keep following the sets of stairs until you reach Technocrat’s Iron. Go to your left and this will lead you outside. Jump across the tubes to get to the circular platform. Head north and jump down the set of tubes again until you reach the entrance to the building.

Go inside the building and enter the door to your right. Head north until you reach another exit that leads to the railings outside.

Follow the tunnel and continue on the lower-right tunnel when you reach the platform. At the end of the tunnel, you will see the last chest on the right-most part of the room

Go back to Variks the Loyal to finish the quest.

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