Destiny 2: Europa Class Guide | All Steps

Learn how to complete all the Europa Class quests!

The Europa Class quest consists of two parts, with the first part asking you to look for the stasis-sealed chest in Perdition. This guide will show you how you can complete all the Europa Class quests and get their rewards.

Europa Class Guide — Destiny 2

You can begin the quest by talking to Variks the Loyal in Charon’s Crossing. Take the first step of the quest which is the Europa Class quest. Now, go all the way to the northwest to Cadmus Ridge in Perdition.

Go to the area in the map above and you will see an opening in between the glaciers.

Go inside and jump across the gaps until you reach an opening that leads to a yellow hallway. Once you reach the platform with a staircase, jump down.

The chest that you need to unseal is on the platform to your right. Unseal it and you will get a notification for the new step for the quest.

Go back to Variks the Loyal in Charon’s Crossing and talk to him to complete the quest.

Completing the quest will give you the Crystocrene Bond, Cloak, and Mark

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