Destiny 2: How to Attune with the Elemental Runes in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s Throne World

A quick guide on how to attune with the runes

Destiny 2 is a looter shooter that has captivated fans of the genre for years, and as time goes by, new seasons begin and present various activities for players to sink their teeth into. With that in mind, this article will cover how to perform the latest elemental attunement step in The Bladed Path quest as a part of the current season.

How to Attune with the Elemental Runes in the Lost Sectors of Savathun’s Throne World

Before you head to the Lost Sector, make sure that you have a weapon of your chosen element. You will need either an Arc, Void¸ or Solar weapon depending on what you selected.

Once you head over to the Lost Sector, fight your way through the waves of enemies that appear. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with a fairly straightforward puzzle.

Destiny 2 Savathun's throne world

There will be three points that you need to capture. Simply step on one of these objectives until it finishes charging up, then repeat the same process on the other two points.

Destiny 2 capture point

After doing that, you can now proceed to the boss room. There, clear out all of the enemies including the boss. The runes you’re looking for will be inside this room, but it will be easier to interact with them if you kill everything inside first.

Destiny 2 savathun's throne world boss room

There are five runes total, with the first one will be right beside the door on the left from where you first entered the room.

Destiny 2 rune #1

The second one right under the center platform, while the third one can be found directly on the opposite side.

Destiny 2 rune #2 and #3

While standing on the center platform, you’ll see the fourth rune right beside where the boss spawns, and the last one should be somewhere to your right, beside another doorway.

Destiny 2 rune #4 and #5

You have a few seconds to hit all of them before they reset, so you better memorize where they are and hit all of them in quick succession.

After hitting all of the runes, more enemies will spawn, and you’ll have to clear them out before you can Invoke Hive Magic. And that’s all you need to know to complete the process!

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