Destiny 2: K1 Logistics Lost SECTOR Farming Guide

A quick guide on how to farm K1 Logistics!

Destiny 2 K1 Logistics Lost SECTOR Farming Guide

Farming is a big thing in Destiny. You need a lot of resources to get the best gear in the game. That’s why people would often spend their hard-earned Glimmers to get more challenges, so that they can get resources and XP as they play the game. Players also farm Lost Sectors in the game, which are big resource locations. However, there are a ton of enemies that you have to go through, and they can often overwhelm you. If you are planning on farming the K1 Logistics Lost Sector, then this guide is for you.

K1 Logistics Lost SECTOR Farming Guide – Destiny 2

Before going into the Lost Sector, you need to bring your best gear and build into it. You will be pretty much surrounded by a lot of enemies at all times, and the Champions in the Lost Sector are strong. It’s recommended to bring your best shotgun and best fusion rifle. Linear or normal will do. You should also bring a submachine gun too. If you have it, use the MIDA Mini-Tool. It has excellent rate of fire and great damage.

Always use the recommended Subclass they tell you when you think about doing the Lost Sector. However, if you are using a build that is dependent on a specific Subclass, then use your build. But if you are just throwing whatever gear you have on because it looks cool and has good stats, then use the recommended Subclass.

Another thing to take note of is that there are a ton of shielded enemies, especially the Champions. Remember when I said to bring your best gear? I’m not joking, these guys pack a wallop AND are covered with shields. Do that, and you can beat this Lost Sector easily and do it again.

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