Destiny 2: What Remains Guide

Fight through the What Remains mission to get the Deterministic Chaos Exotic.

Exotic weapons and gear are some of the best things to collect in Destiny 2. They may not be customizable compared to Legendary weapons and gear, but there is a sense of accomplishment that feels good when you finally add a new Exotic to your list of growing weapons and gear.

That’s why Bungie really makes you work for the Exotics in the game by making you do a ton of quests and stuff, like the What Remains quest that rewards you with the Deterministic Chaos Exotic. In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Exotic quest.

What Remains Guide – Destiny 2

Find Conceptual Mind

When you start the quest, you will be platforming around until you reach the quest marker. Your primary objective as of now is to find the Conceptual Mind.

Kock Out Vex Shields

When you reach the objective marker, you will be greeted with an open field and tons of Vex.

They are preventing you from continuing, so you will need to complete the objective by destroying the Vex Shields that are spread throughout the area.

Continue Your Search for the Conceptual Mind

After dealing with the Vex, you will have to continue your parkour adventures to find the Conceptual Mind.

Press Tab (if on PC) to bring out the objective marker every now and then to find where you need to go next.

Pass Security Protocol

Once you reach this area, you will be bombarded with a ton of Vex (the exploding kind), so watch out and put some distance between you and the Vex. 

One of the enemies will drop an Arc Cranium. Pick that up as it will be helpful against the Vex. Once you have it, then you will have to pass through the tunnel.

Be sure to time it right, or else you will get insta-killed.

Go to the middle of the large data pillar and interact with it to recover the data packet. 

Around you, you will find Vex Shields that need to be destroyed. However, they have energy shields blocking them.

You will need to use the Arc Cranium to destroy them by using the panels near them to angle the beam around and destroy them.

Clear Enemy Combatants

Once you have destroyed the exposed Vex Shields, your next objective is to defeat the enemies that are in your way as you continue down this corridor. 

At the end of the corridor, there will be a Malignant Wyvern that will deal a lot of damage if left unchecked, as well as a Vex Cyclops.

Pursue Nimbus

Once you have destroyed all enemies, your next objective is to pursue Nimbus, who is in the area. You will need to follow the objective marker on your HUD.

Destroy the Taken Blights

You will eventually reach a large area that has little to no floor, only a platform. This area will then spawn 3 Taken Blights and a lot of Takens. Your objective will then change to destroying the 3 Taken Blights.

After destroying them all, you will then have to continue pursuing Nimbus.

You will eventually find Nimbus and a conversation will play up. Let it happen and eventually, you will get the Deterministic Chaos Exotic.

Reach Conceptual Mind

With the Deterministic Chaos now in your inventory, you will still need to continue the mission and reach the Conceptual Mind.

Just follow the objective marker and use your new Exotic on anyone who approaches you.

The game will give you a chance to show off the weapon by giving you tons of Vex to shoot at and zones where you can replenish your Heavy Ammo, so don’t be afraid of using it.

Defeat Conceptual Mind

Eventually, your Vex onslaught will lead you to the Conceptual Mind. You will need to defeat it to complete the mission. Once you do defeat it, the mission will end and you can continue on with the game.

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