Disney Dreamlight Valley: Capybara Location & Favorite Food

Want your own capybara?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Capybara Location & Favorite Food

With the full release of Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can now look forward to owning a capybara as a pet. Yes, the very capybara you can see in Encanto! This comes with the ‘A Rift in Time’ expansion which is a major update consisting of new villagers, biomes, and more.

Disney, who has switched to keeping the game a paid experience, has also provided more than one way to own a capybara. This guide will be all about where to find one and what to feed them.

Capybara Location & Favorite Food

Where to find a capybara? First and foremost, we’re going to talk about how you can get the Capybara in the game.

  • The easiest way to get one is by purchasing the Gold Edition which comes with the Flowery Capybara as animal companion.
  • For those who own a Founder Pack of any tier, Disney Dreamlight Valley is giving out the entire Gold Edition Cosmetic pack for free.

The Flowery Capybara is slightly different from the wild capybara that you can find in the open-world. Along with that, you will also get the Artist’s Overalls Costumes, and the Flowery Summery Cottage House Style.

Capybara Disney Dreamlight Valley

The other way is by exploring the lush jungle of Wild Tangle. Wild Tangle is on the east side of the Eternity Isle which you’ll bound to explore as you follow the quest.

This biome is home to several animals, including the capybara. And they also have quite the variety of fur shades, so you can pick which one you want to bring home.

What do capybaras eat? Capybaras really love bamboo shoots, hence their promotional picture! That’s also available in the biome of Wild Tangle, naturally, so make sure to grab someone to get the capybara.

And that’s how to find and feed the capybara in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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