Doors: How To Obtain Free Revives (All Methods)

How to not restart your best run.

Doors: How To Obtain Free Revives (All Methods)

The famous Roblox horror game Doors is a game where revives can define whether you’re breaking your record or not. With how good the item is when it comes to the gameplay, players are always rushing to find ways to get more revives. The free way. Of course, there’s always the paid method where you can spend 30 Robux for a revive. But we’re going to talk about how you can revive for free this time.

How To Obtain Free Revives

Free Revives are often offered as rewards in Doors via different means. They’re limited, but hey, at least you don’t have to pay a dime at all for these! There’s a total of 14 free Revives not including the bonus from UGC purchase you can get:

  • Group Member: Join the LSPLASH group on Roblox to get a free revive.
  • Codes: Developers often share codes that can give a free revive. So far, there have been 9 codes that give free revives, although all of them have expired except for one: THEHUNT
Code for free revives in Doors.
  • Tower Heroes Badges: Doors did a collaboration with Tower Heroes Badge where you can get a total of 3 free Revives by playing the game.
  • Bonus from every official Doors UGC item purchase: You get a lot of bonuses including a free revive for each item.

Now, do note that free revives are very rare. You want to spend them wisely, making sure that you’re in a run that’s worth the revive. Those are all free revives that you can get in Doors. Aside from revives, we also show how you can get all the badges in the game.


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