Dragon Soul: New Android 21 Majin Boss Location & Demon Aura

New boss alert! Read on to learn how you can fight her too!

The Dragon Ball Z Roblox game Dragon Soul just got another mini update, which introduces a new boss for you to start farming, as well as a few other minor changes and fixes to check out. In this guide, we will be showing you where and how you can challenge the new Android 21 Majin boss to get some new cosmetics and an aura!

New Android 21 Majin Boss Location & Demon Aura

Before you can fight Android 21, you will need to complete the side quest called “Making Cakes 101” first. To do this, make your way to East City, which is a mid game location. This shouldbe a hint for how hard the boss will be later.

Once you are in the city, look for an NPC named Hazel, who is standing in front of a green capsule house. This secret quest requires you to be at least level 1250, so get to grinding if you aren’t high enough.

Dragon Soul preview image of the Hazel NPC in East City

You will be given the task of collecting the following resources listed below from places nearby that you can easily fly to. Their locations are marked on your screen, so you don’t really need to search for them:

  • 75 Wheat – The field will not have enough to reach 75 in one go. Wait for the wheat to respawn after you pick them up.
  • 75 Apples – You will need to pick individual apples from the trees found in the designated spot.
  • 20 Flour – These can also be found on the farm where you get wheat. Again, wait for respawns.
  • 20 Eggs – These spawn all around the small field as well. Just like wheat and flour, you will need to wait for them to respawn.

After gathering all of the necessary ingredients, return to Hazel and you will be rewarded with a decent chunk of EXP, some money, and the Cake Hat (this item is important).

Dragon Soul player approaching the wheat field

Finding the Android 21 Boss Spawn Location

Before you go off and search for Android 21, you should put on the Cake Hat that you got from the side quest you just finished. It doesn’t have particularly good stats, but this is a requirement to start the fight.

With the Cake Hat equipped, all you need to do is go up the yellow building that is directly in front of Hazel. In one corner of the rooftop, Android 21 will spawn every one and a half hours (90 minutes) and will stay there for 15 minutes at a time.

In order to fight her, you just have to talk to her while having the Cake Hat on your head. She will not be interested in talking to you if you don’t have it on.

Dragon Soul player talking to Android 21 without cake hat

Things to Keep in Mind

Android 21 is only a level 1250 boss with just about 260k+ health. Because of this, you will need to deal at least 26k damage in order to get credited for a kill, assuming you are working with other players.

She actually has three different forms that will be random for each attempt. The interesting part about this mechanic is that each form has a unique loot table, so you will need to kill her many times to get all of the drops.

Default Android 21 Form

The default version of this boss has the exact same character model wearing the lab coat and glasses. The only move you need to watch out for is her unique version of Dragon Throw.

Upon being defeated, she can potentially drop the following items or facial features:

  • Droid 21 Shirt (12% chance)
  • Droid 21 Pants (15% chance)
  • Droid 21 Shoes (15% chance)
  • Droid 21 Mouth (5% chance)
  • Droid 21 Nose (5% chance)
  • Droid 21 Eyes (5% chance)
Dragon Soul player fighting the normal variant of Android 21

Demon 21 Form

There is a 25% chance for Android 21 to turn into her demon form after you deal a total of 1% damage to her. This version of the boss has around 590k+ health, increasing the required 10% minimum damage dealt to 59k.

In addition to Dragon Throw, this version of Android 21 also uses her own unique versions of Negative Hail and Buu Scream. Her potential drops in this form are the following:

  • Demon 21 Shirt (8% chance)
  • Demon 21 Shoes (10% chance)
  • Demon 21 Pants (10% chance)
  • Demon 21 Eyes (5% chance)
  • Demon 21 Mouth (5% chance)
  • Demon 21 Aura (2% chance)
Dragon Soul Android 21 demon variant appearance

Maid 21 Form

Finally, at a similar 25% rate, this raid boss can instead turn into her Maid 21 form. She has the exact same health and mechanics as the Demon 21 form, but with the addition of another move called Majin Sphere.

This version of her has fewer drops than the others, and they are the following:

  • Blush Marking (5% chance)
  • Maid Shirt (5% chance)
  • Maid Pants (5% chance)
  • Maid Shoes (5% chance)
Dragon Soul Android 21 maid variant appearance

Demon Aura Showcase

The Demon Aura, which is incredibly rare and might require at least a couple of kills, is one of the most visually striking cosmetics in the game at the moment.

It has a very prominent red and black theme that makes your character look like a very sinister individual. You can get a preview of this by simply looking at Demon 21 herself, as she uses the same aura.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, it currently does not provide any bonus stats. At least it looks pretty cool, though!

As far as the other drops are concerned, you can refer to the images of the boss’ different forms above. The outfit pieces that she can drop are pretty much the same as what she is wearing in her different forms.

Dragon Soul preview image for the new demon aura

Just a little side note before you go, the Egg Hunt is also supposedly over with this new update. This means that you can no longer acquire the Ultra Instinkt Aura, so the Demon Aura should be your next goal!

And that is everything you need to know about the new boss that was added in the game in the latest patch. If you are still not strong enough to take on this mid game boss, check out our leveling guide for Dragon Soul to get started with your grind!


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