Dusty Trip: ATV & Quad Guide (How To Set Up Fast)

Take a ride in your new ATV!

Dusty Trip is a Roblox adventure game where players have to make the most of their trips and drive as far as they can. The aim is to build your own vehicle and hit the road to see how far you can handle the desert. And on the journey, you can collect car parts, dynamites, guns and fight against monsters called Mutants. If you want to see how to expand your options with better vehicles, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s a guide on how to set up an ATV/Quad.

ATV/Quad Guide

If you’re not familiar with the ATV, it stands for all-terrain vehicle, and it’s also called the known light utility vehicle (LUV). It looks like a quad bike of four wheels. 

Below is an image of the ATV from the game. You might recognize it for its popularity in rough or uneven terrains. 

ATV in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

So, you look at this bad boy and decide that you want one for yourself. In order to obtain the ATV, you need to purchase the base from the central server lobby and assemble it on your own. 

It costs 799 Robux to buy. Once you purchase it, you can find the Quad bike ATV near the main road outside the starter building. Here are the parts that it comes with:

  • A small engine (15L)
  • Small radiator (15L)
Engine and radiator for ATV in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

Aside from these, you’ll need its four wheels and some gas to start the engine. 

Now, let’s set it up

First, approach the gas canister and press F to grab it. 

Gas can in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

Take it to your vehicle and start filling the ATV with gas. Press E to open up the gas tank on the ATV and left mouse button to start filling it. 

Pouring gas in ATV in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

When you fill it as much as you can, you can stop there. Ensure that you have at least around 5-10L in your engine, so as to not disrupt your traveling early on. 

It will be annoying constantly having to refill, so it’s a good idea to fill a decent amount from the get-go. Especially if you plan to use the ATV to cover long distances. Covering long distances with the ATV, however, is not advised. The reason for that will be stated at the end of this article. 

The ATV has a capacity of 30L, so be generous and fill away. And don’t forget to close the cap when you’re done. 

Putting in radiator in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

Next, go grab your engine and take it to the vehicle. Press F when you’re next to the vehicle to place it in your ATV. Next, approach your radiator and do the same, which is placing it in your ATV by approaching the radiator, grabbing, heading to your ATV and placing. 

Rinse and repeat with all four wheels, as well. Grab each of them and place them on each empty spot for a tire. Try scrolling your arm in so it can be easier to put them on. When you put in the final wheel, that’s when you’ll have your complete and ready to ride ATV!

ATV in A Dusty Trip, Roblox

Additional advice

Many players prefer not to use the ATV over other vehicles, due to its lack of doors. Because of this, it is useless against protecting you against events like sandstorms, thunderstorms, and drive-bys. 

So, it may be wise to opt for a car or Van over an ATV if you plan on traveling long distances. But don’t shy away from exploring and trying out the vehicle for yourself because after all that’s why you bought this thing!

There you have it! Hop on and ride to the end of the sunsets! And while you’re here, you might want to check out some other guides for A Dusty Trip like this one: Dusty Trip: How To Separate Liquids Guide (Roblox)!


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