Dusty Trip: How to Find Basic Shop (Buy & Sell Items)

Learn how to get to one of the new shops and conduct some transactions!

A Dusty Trip has very recently rolled out yet another update that added all kinds of new content to the game. In the latest patch, two different shops were introduced to the desert, and both of them will let you acquire all sorts of items. In this guide, we will be teaching you all about the basic shop, which is where you can both buy and sell various stuff.

How to Find Basic Shop (Buy & Sell Items)

The basic shop spawns randomly around the map, so you will have to drive around until you find one along the side of the road. They are hard to miss due to the fact that these have large glowing signs that have the word “SHOP” on them.

Just like in the popular Fallout franchise, these make use of a currency known as caps, which are essentially just bottlecaps that you can find all around the game.

You can check how much of this currency you have by looking at the top right corner of the screen. The icon is that of three different colors of bottlecaps.

Dusty Trip player approaching a basic shop

How to Sell Items at the Basic Shop

In order to sell your stuff at one of these shops, all you have to do is place the items you want to get rid of on top of the counter with the “SELL” sign under it.

You will know that you did it correctly if the price over the counter changes to show you how much you will get. From here, just pull the lever right beside the “SELL” sign.

Make sure to stay away from the countertop, as you will fall in and die if you are standing on top of it once the lever has been pulled. Upon selling an item, the caps will appear on the ground in front of the counter.

Dusty Trip player attempting to sell an item

How to Buy Items at the Basic Shop

Buying items works almost the same way as selling. Basically, just grab whichever items you want from the shop owner’s selection and put them on top of the “BUY” counter.

The price will be shown on the monitor over the counter, and it will update every time you place an object on it. This means that you can purchase multiple items at once, as long as you can afford them.

Once you are satisfied with all of the gear and supplies you wish to purchase, just pull the lever beside the “BUY” sign and take your items with you out of the shop.

Dusty Trip player adding items to their cart

Stealing Stuff from the Shop

In one corner of the shop, you will probably notice that there is a sign that says “thieves will be shot”. This is not an empty threat, as there are two machine guns on the entrance that will start shooting if you steal anything.

However, you can actually get away with being a thief if you are fast enough. To get an item for free, such as a gun or whatever other item you want in the store, simply grab it and walk over to the entrance.

Stop right before the red line and stand at the leftmost or rightmost edge, then get ready to run as fast as you can to the side. If you are quick enough, the machine guns will do minimal damage to you and you will eventually be out of their range.

Take note that once the machine guns areactive, theywill target every player that they can see, regardless of whether or not they stole something.

If you want to clean out the store without paying a dime, you’ll need a bunch of other players to help you out as you will not be able to haul everything out on your own.

Dusty Trip player watching somebody else die after trying to steal from the shop

Mystery Item Vendors

Apart from the basic shop, you can also encounter a mystery item vending machine where you can pretty much just gamble your caps away for potentially good loot. We have no idea as to what exactly the machine considers to be “good loot”, though.

Each roll on one of these machines will cost 99 caps, and according to the sign under the lever, you have a 1/3 chance of getting useful items. If you have a lot of caps to burn, feel free to try these out.

Aside from being completely based on RNG, these machines do not let you sell items. Because of that, you can’t just run in here and expect to exchange your loot for a random item.

Dusty Trip player trying their luck at a mystery item vendor

And that is everything you need to know when it comes to dealing with the shops that were recently added to the game. If you’re still very new to the game, then go and check out our beginner’s guide for A Dusty Trip to start learning all of the essentials!


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