Dusty Trip: How To Get Clear The Ghosttown Badge Guide

There’s something eerie about this town?

Dusty Trip is another Roblox game that takes you to a desert where you have to ride the rough terrains. All you have to do is find yourself a vehicle, fix and go on your adventure. The aim of A Dusty Trip is to drive your vehicle for as long as you can while discovering new items and fighting some mutants! Collecting badges to add to your collection is one of the fun parts of the game. If you haven’t already got the “Clear the Ghosttown” badge, stick around and this guide will show you exactly how.

How To Get Clear The Ghosttown Badge

The main goal is to defeat a horde in Ghost Town. This can be easy or difficult depending on how you approach it. You will be ambushed with a bunch of enemies, so you have to be ready and armed adequately. 

The best weapon to use to quickly and effectively fight off all enemies in ghost town is to use the Vampire Dagger. We’ll show you how to get that along with fighting off the entire horde. 

  1. Equip yourself with resources.
  2. Get to the church at 11km.
  3. Strengthen your dagger.
  4. Drive to Ghost town at 20km.

Now, let’s get into details of how to achieve each of these steps. 

First, equip yourself with the Essentials

It’s very important that you go into any situation ready. So before aiming to get this badge, let’s consider all of our essentials.

  1. Start with filling your gas tank. 

It’s going to be a long road ahead and you’d want to make sure you don’t get interrupted with an empty tank. Fill up that tank before you hit the road. 

Filling tank in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.
  1. Replenish hunger

Hunger tends to go down pretty fast in the game, so look for a garage and you may find food items in there. Equip as many as you can.

  1. Get a Gun

I’ve mentioned something about a vampire dagger at the start. If you’ve already guessed it, you’re absolutely right! We will be dealing with some vampires. So, get yourself a gun and you can slay any vampires. 

You can also find a gun in a garage, so try spotting as many garages on your journey and check them out for any essentials that you need to stock up on for the road. 

Garage in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Now that you’ve finished looting the garages for any essentials you need, it’s time to get started. 

NOTE: try to avoid over looting because at a certain point, more specifically at around 10 km, bandits will shoot at your car, and you may lose items.

Look for a Church

When you’re driving on the road, searching for garages and loot, you should have covered a decent amount of distance. After that, at 10 KM you should encounter an area with some bandits. Finally, at 11km is where you would expect the church to be. 

One thing to note is that the church is rare and you may not find it at  every run. This means that you’ll have to start again and go on another 11km run to see if the church spawns in that location. 

It’s time to take that gun you found and head over to the church. 

Church in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Standing near the walls of the church, you should see the enemy you have to slay, the Vampire. 

Vampire in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Start shooting from a distance before you approach him and shoot directly. When you shoot from a distance, the vampire will get triggered and approach you. Try to land as many shots as you can until then. 

Once you defeat the vampire, he should drop a dagger. The vampire dagger is the secret to defeating the horde.

Vampires Dagger in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Strengthening your Vampire Dagger

Next up, you’d want to use the dagger to kill some NPCs. This is to strengthen the dagger, so it can be at a higher level when you use it during the fight with the horde in ghost town. So, equip the dagger and fight off some mutants.

Mutant in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Once you’ve fought off around a dozen enemies, it’s time to focus on the task. The good thing about this game is that you can also just progress and keep driving while simultaneously finding mutants to defeat using the dagger. 

At 15Km, it’s time to restock by filling your resources again. You can even replace your gas with diesel here at the outpost. 

Outpost in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

When you head back on the road, keep an eye for more enemies to grind your dagger into getting stronger. When your dagger turns black, that’s when you know the weapon is strong and lethal. The Black Vampire Dagger can kill enemies with a single slice. 

Black dagger in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Try testing it out on mutants and vampires to see how powerful it is. You should be able to kill them off with just one hit. 

Heading to Ghost Town

Finally at 20KM, you should reach the Ghosttown. You’ll recognize the place when you reach it because of its spooky aura, darkness and rain. Stop the vehicle at a good distance away form the horde, grab your dagger and approach the horde on foot

The ideal strategy here is to fight them in small groups so don’t be too hasty. 

Ghost town in A Dusty Trip, Roblox.

Fortunately for us, we’ve prepared our dagger to have them die in one hit. They also die upon touching the blade and you don’t really have to press anything. 

Once you clear the horde, you should get your “Clear The Ghosttown” badge! You can even go around looting the town for more supplies, gas, diesel, an engine, weapons or anything you might need. 

If you’re still struggling with the basics, that’s alright! We have something for you to check out before you can conquer the ghost town. If you are still new to the game, check out our beginner’s guide for A Dusty Trip for some helpful tips and tricks to start out with!


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