Elemental Dungeons: How To Dual Wielded Sword Quest Guide

Would you like to become a skillful swordsman?

Elemental Dungeons Master Swordsman

Going through a dungeon can get boring at times when playing Elemental Dungeons. However, with the most recent update, all of those thoughts went out of the window thanks to being able to dual wield swords.

Now, you can hack and slash your way through anything at double the rate!

But the game won’t be giving this away for free, besides you already have the codes to cover that. Check out the rest of the guide below if you want to know how to get the Dual Wielded Sword for yourself!

Dual Wielded Sword Quest Guide

The Dual Wielded Sword quest will have you look for the Master Swordsman NPC. You can find him behind the Trading Palace in the mountains.

To begin the quest, you need to give him at least 10 diamonds and 6 jungle shards. All of these materials can be found from gorillas in the Jungle Dungeon.

Elemental Dungeons Master Swordsman

Get that errand out of the way and the next step will have you clear five Jungle Dungeons and three Snow Castle Dungeons.

You have to go through both dungeons on hardcore difficulty in order for the quest to progress.

The only twist you have to worry about is the lever at the starting point. Pull that to enshroud the Jungle and Snow Castle dungeons in darkness.

After pulling the lever, go through the rest of the dungeons as if you would a normal one. Have a radar ability on as well if you’re having difficulty seeing in the dark.

That or increase the gamma and brightness of your monitor.

Elemental Dungeons Jungle Dungeon Lever
The lever is also close to the cave entrance at the start of the Snow Castle Dungeon.

Go back to the Jungle dungeon once you finish your runs, make sure you’re still on hardcore mode. Pull the lever once more and make your way to the Gorilla Cave to talk to the Master Swordsman.

Choose the dialogue option that says, “What enchanted Blade?” along with “Put me on” and he will ask for a code. Here’s a few options you can use while talking to the NPC:

  • AVMO
  • UTRV
  • VTRN
  • WSIK
  • CTOP
  • ZAAH

Other codes: hgcq, oism, dvfe, jije, skuf, epam

If none of these codes still don’t work for you – then you must manually decode the morse code from the lamp beside the Old Man.

Morse Code Guide

Elemental Dungeons Master Swordsman

Finish the quest and go to your inventory. Simply equip another sword and the damage you deal will stack for every hit you make.

Do note that only your first sword’s ability will work when equipped. You won’t get any other bonuses from your secondary aside from the extra damage.

Elemental Dungeons Lightning Katana

And that’s how you dual wield swords in Elemental Dungeons. Now, go through the dungeon blind and prove your worth as a swordsman!

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    • Hey there, Ghazi! Try lebn as per the comment below. However, as stated in the guide – the code(s) will not be the same for everyone.

      What we gave are just “possible” codes for players. If none of what we listed works, you’ll have to manually decode the morse code from the lamp beside the Old Man.

      We’ve updated the article and provided an image as guide for decoding the morse code. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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