Escape Room: Level 17 Guide | Roblox

One of these boxes are kinda sus!

Escape Room Level 17 Guide Roblox

Sometimes games can be sneaky when it comes to solving their puzzles. Maybe you missed a piece of a puzzle somewhere, or maybe it’s the way too obvious solution. Developers always find ways to make us wonder!

And in Escape Room, there are a lot of levels that are difficult to solve. One of these rooms just gives you a bunch of boxes and it’s pretty difficult to know what to do.

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can solve level 17 of the game. It’s pretty simple, all you need to know is the right box!

Level 17 Guide | Roblox

When you get to Level 17 of the game you’ll get into a room filled with a bunch of boxes. There’s also a guy inside the room with text over his head.

The text says “I counted all the boxes before. There is one extra… who could have bought it here?

As you can tell it’s a hint to the puzzle of the level. One of the boxes is your key out of this room. The box in question is shown below, next to the window to the left of the NPC.

Go to the side of the box where it’s facing the window and go through it. You’ll phase through and go to another area.

Escape Room Box Side

SIDE NOTE: The game has a lot of these false walls and surfaces, so keep that in mind when playing the game. In our guide for Level 26, you can see another false wall that the game throws at you!

This will drop you down to another room and when you leave that room, you’ll get to Level 18! Now, you don’t have to check every box in the room!

That’s how you can solve Level 17 of the Roblox game Escape Room. Go out there and try it out yourself, solve all of the rooms, and get to the last one!

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