ESO: 2023 Explorers Event Guide

Your Athletics skill increased to 11.

When you think of video games, the many things that can easily come to one’s mind have got to be the Elder Scrolls series (along with its remasters). The more installments that get introduced, the more you find out about the lore that’s tied to specific areas.

Now you can recklessly loot and explore Tamriel in no specific order, with the exception of Vivec. This is made even better with the Explorer event that’s currently happening due to the bonuses you can get, so if you love the grind then better give the guide a read before the event ends!

Explorers Event Guide | ESO 2023

Events come and go for every game, it’s always an effective way to bring in new players with the hopes of keeping them around for longer, and boy with the bonuses that are being given out it wouldn’t be a surprise if you do just that.

Let’s have a look at what you can get.

One of the additional rewards you can get from the event is double gold which can be earned from monster kills, quest rewards, and similar sources. 

So if you’re interested in double gold then the best place to go would be The Vile Manse Public Dungeon southwest of the Fort Grimwatch Wayshrine in Reaper’s March.

Next is the Quest Rewards, even if you’re low leveled doing Daily Writs will net you double the gold you would usually earn from completing them. That’s 10,000 gold in addition to gold materials, plans, mats, exp, and all sorts of things! That’s almost zero effort for that much money and nothing can get better than that!

For Double EXP it would be best to avoid fighting other people in the Alik’r Desert unless you enjoy the idea of your computer or console chugging, just head over to Blackrose Prison or Skyreach for your pvp needs.

Last is the Double Drops, everyone will want to get in on this as extra harvesting nodes can only mean less walking back and forth between places.

Since everyone and their lovely mothers will be doing this alongside you a good alternative will be to go to Northern Elsweyr or other places you exclusively have access to.

Sounds bad? Yes definitely, but having no competition for resources and getting them in a shorter amount of time will always be better. You can go to DLC-exclusive zones or just play at an unusual hour if you have such a luxury if the previous method is frowned upon by too many to push through with.

That’s all there is to look forward to for the Explorers Event, and it’s all you can ask for too. Just log in and walk out with your pockets filled for doing something as simple as your dailies. Now go out there and get your share!

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