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ESO: Jester’s Daedroth Suit Costume & Bucket & Broom Style – Jester’s Festival

Straight outta Cyrodiil!

When you think of Elder Scrolls Online you would normally think of what the story has to offer, being a prequel and an MMORPG you’re bound to be curious of what the known world has to offer centuries before your favorite titles come into play. Then again, fantasy settings like ESO can only mean that you get a chance to dress yourself using only the finest vestments all across Tamriel so maybe the story can wait. You’ve done the same thing in Oblivion and Morrowind the very moment you’re given freedom so let’s talk about how we can get you some garments from the Jester’s Festival!

Jester’s Daedroth Suit Costume and Bucket & Broom Style | Jester’s Festival | ESO

If you have a passion for playfulness and being pretentious then the appropriate clothing should be donned while doing so. Participating in the Jester’s Festival event can not only get you special clothing, but also a 100% XP boost to any quests related to the event so get started as soon as you can!

You can obtain the Bucket & Broom Style set from the Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box, you’ll have to do related quests to the festival over at Auridon, Glenumbra, and Stonefalls.

For the Jester’s Daedroth Suit you’ll need to collect 10 Scrap of Minstrel’s Cloth and combine them altogether to unlock the costume.  You can get these items from the Festival Boxes and from the Impresario Event Merchant

Getting as Stupendous Jester’s Festival Box is as easy as doing house chores, just do your daily repeatable quests until you gather enough materials from the boxes and you’ll have the costume along with the other rewards in no time! Maybe now the Dark Brotherhood will actually let you join them.

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