Eternal Piece: 2024 Release Date

Some of the islands look a bit too familiar!

Eternal Piece Title Screen

The first week of the New Year is nearly over, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t be getting any more presents from the holidays. That’s right, a new game filled with faces that are all too familiar will start making its rounds in Roblox in a matter of months – weeks even!

Eternal Piece has a lot in store for people who enjoy a certain anime that the game is clearly not borrowing from in order to skirt potential threats related to copyright. But enough with the boring legal stuff, keep reading the news below to find out more about this new RPG’s release date!

2024 Release Date

Eternal Piece is set to release somewhere this week (as of January 5, 2024). No final announcement has been made yet, so there’s a possible chance for delays to occur.

It’s been said that Eternal Piece might have been made in the occasion of other similar Roblox titles like Grand Piece Online or Haze Piece being taken down.

What you can do for now while waiting for the rest of the game is customize your character. You only see two options once you load into the main menu. Having said that, you can tell which one will lead you to the customization screen.

Eternal Piece Character Customization

Another thing you can do is go fishing. Fishing – along with many other things, is quite busted when it comes to earning money and exp.

With the promise of experience, what you can do with it is level up stats like Melee, Defense, Sword, and your Devil Fruit. Plenty of exciting things to grind for whenever this game decides to release this week!

Eternal Piece Starter Island

And that’s it for the bandit beater RPG that is Eternal Piece. Remember, it’s like the real anime but it really isn’t!

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