Fallen Survival: All Lab Keycards Guide

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Fallen Survival is a PvPvE hardcore base-building Survival Game. While trying to survive in the harsh world of this popular Roblox game, you are going to need to get access to some areas to get loot and other kinds of things. The laboratories are one of the areas that you are going to need to discover. In this guide, we are going to talk about all lab keycards in Fallen Survival.

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All Lab Keycards

There are four keycards you can find in Fallen Survival. These are the yellow, purple, pink, and red keycards. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

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Fallen Survival All Lab Keycards Guide

Yellow Keycard

When you enter the laboratory for the yellow card, the first thing you should do is head to the left side. From the entrance, turn left and follow the walkway.

Make sure you have one fuse and a yellow card. The first and only fuse location is exactly at the location shown below. Put it in, go straight, then hit the button, and the yellow room will appear.

The first fuse box to interact with to find the yellow keycard in Fallen Survival.

Yellow keycard in Fallen Survival.

Purple Keycard

To get the purple card, first go to the left side of the lab. There is a fuse box on the left side of the door with the writing “Level 2” on it, so put one in. Then you go down a floor, put one in there, turn around, press the button back there, and then return to the purple card.

Swipe, and it does not open, but you can see where it respawned. You can receive a steel crate and three metal crates. It is extremely good loot.

Finding the fuse box to get the purple keycard in Fallen Survival.

Purple keycard in Fallen Survival.

Pink Keycard

First, at the entryway, turn left and then turn right. You will see a fuse box there. It is the one next to the door that will lead you to Level 1. Put it in, then go down a floor, get the fuse there, and go back.

Then, head to the purple room, and go in the right direction from there. Then, turn left and left again, you will see a button there. When you interact with it, the pink card will appear right there.

Interacting with the fuse box to find pink keycard in Fallen Survival.

Pink keycard in Fallen Survival.

Red Keycard

Boris is one way to get a red card. Another option is to just go to the submarine, industrial port, or abandoned bunker when Bruno appears; there is also a chance that Bruno will drop the red card.

Boris location shown on the map in Fallen Survival.

So, for the red card, you need to do the following:

Get the fuse on the second floor, you will find it inside the computer room. Leave the room and go left, get to the second computer room, and hit the button there. It is on the desk so you might not see it at first.

Using the fuse box to find the red keycard in Fallen Survival.

Pressing the power button for red keycard in Fallen Survival.

When you press the power button, the red room will open.

Red keycard and room in Fallen Survival.

These are All Lab Keycards in Fallen Survival. Following this guide, you can enter all the rooms in the laboratory!


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