Find The Geometry Dash: How To Get Cozy – Difficulties Zone 5

Keep going up to find this badge!

There are a lot of new difficulties in Zone 5 of Find The Geometry Dash, and we’re on a quest to tell you how to get them all! In this guide, I’m going to give you the rundown on how to find the Cozy difficulty in the game so you can get them all!

How To Find Cozy

Cozy is one of many of the new difficulties that came with Find The Geometry Dash’s latest update. Considered a Challenging difficulty to find, this one has a 20.9% Rarity. So far, it’s only been found by 3280 players in the game.

Get To Climbing!

You can hit two birds with one stone on your quest to find Cozy. This is because the path leads you to one badge before you make it to Cozy.

 First, make your way to this bridge on the west end of the map.

Bridge to get to Cozy in Find The Geometry Dash.

Enter the tower and climb up. There will be ramps that you can climb leading upwards. On the third floor, you will encounter beams that you can climb. 

Here are the beams you need to climb.

This may take you a few tries, but you should make it past this floor by jumping and climbing up the last beam to the top. 

On the roof of this tower, you will find Electromaniac. Sweet! Likewise, you can find our more detailed guide on how to get Electromaniac attached here.

From this tower, jump down onto the bridge below.

Leaping off the first tower to get to the next.

You’ll see that the tower across has ledges around it. This is what you want to climb to get to the real prize. 

Simply make your way up this tower by jumping from ledge to ledge. At the top, you’ll find a door that leads inside this tower with more ledges. 

The doorway that will lead to Cozy.

Enter this door and keep jumping to the top. At the end of it all, the Cozy badge will be smiling at you. Congratulations!

And that’s all on how to find Cozy! There are more difficulties in Find The Geometry Dash for you to discover. To help you out, here’s a guide on how to find the Catastrophic difficulty!


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