Find The Geometry Dash: How To Get Electromaniac – Difficulties Zone 5

A new difficulty for a new update!

Getting Electromaniac is a two-for-one deal in Find The Geometry Dash. This is because the tower that holds this difficulty leads to another difficulty badge close by. To help you complete the set of new difficulties that came with Zone 5, I’m here to tell you how to get Electromaniac in Find the Geometry Dash.

How To Get Electromaniac

Electromaniac is a Hard rarity difficulty with a 19.1% find rate. So far, only 2992 players have won this badge. So, I’m here to tell you how to become the next player to get it.

Ramp It Up!

Once you get to Zone 5, you’ll notice that this snowy region has multiple bridges and towers. You’ll want to find the bridge that overlooks this tree at the west end of the map.

The bridge you need to get to Electromaniac.

From here, enter the tower and you’ll see ramps that lead upwards to the next floors. Just keep going up the ramps.

The ramps in the tower.

After three floors, the next floor will have beams that you have to climb. Jump from beam to beam until you get to this small ledge.

This is the small ledge you will encounter before getting to the top.

There’s a small wall in between these two ledges, so you will need to jump in a way where you land on the next ledge perfectly. A good tip is to stay close to the wall as much as possible from the moment you jump to when you land.

Once you land that jump, it’s smooth sailing from there. There will be a beam to your right that you can take to the roof of the tower. On the roof, you’ll find the Electromaniac badge waiting patiently for you.

And that’s all on how to find Electromaniac in Find The Geometry Dash! The Cozy Difficulty is also nearby from that tower, and you can read our detailed guide on how to get it attached here! Happy hunting!


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Find The Geometry Dash: How To Get Cozy – Difficulties Zone 5

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