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How to kickstart your game right.

Fire Force Online: Complete Beginner's Guide | Roblox

Roblox game Fire Force Online took the internet by fire with the complexity of the gameplay. That means there’s so much you can do for endgame content, but on the other hand, lack of guide gets one so easily lost in Fire Force Online.

We aim to make the basics especially as simple as possible. This is where you start and get to know where everything is and start blasting.

Complete Beginner’s Guide

In Fire Force Online, you’re allowed to choose between two factions: Fire Force and White Clad. Different faction gives different quests and has different requirements which revolves around your Reputation level.


  • Walk/Run: W/Double tap W
  • Dash: Q
  • Jump: Space
  • Light Attack: M1
  • Heavy Attack: M2
  • Air Heavy Attack: Jump + M2
  • Air Light Attack: Jump + Run + M1
  • Block: F
  • Parry: Block + M1
  • Evade: Double tap F (at full meter)

Race & Clan

Generally, you don’t have to worry about your race as you will spawn in as a Human. Moderators use special races called Nephilim and Ancient Infernals. Your other option is the Infernal, which is also a Faction that you can read more about below.

There are Legendary, Rare, and Common clans. Each clan from rare and legedary categories come with buffs.

  • Legendary (1%):
    • Dragon: M1 and M2 deals more damage.
    • Kusakabe: Grace and EXP gain increases.
    • Shinmon: Larger dodge window, counterattack deals more damage.
    • Burns: Stamina regens faster and overheat slower.
    • Boyle: Stamina regens faster and EXP gain increases.
    • Obi: Press of Death/Steeled for Death lasts a minute longer.
Fire Force Online Dragon showcase.
Dragon with Adolla Burst in the right.
  • Rare (15%):
    • Montgomery: Dodge cooldown reduced with perfect dodge.
    • Sagamiya: Overheat slower.
    • Kakage: Damage increases in a party with allies.
    • Kotatsu: Less money penalty when gripped.
    • DFresh: Shops items costs less. (Hench)
    • Mori: Damage increases with perfect dodge.
    • Oze: EXP gain increases from physical trainings.
    • Son: Get more money from gripping enemies.
    • Oji: Faster block break recovery.
  • Common (84%). No buffs for Common clans.

Reputation Level

This is the starter mechanic where you have to choose how you act in the beginner quests. Having negative reputation will land you in the White Clad faction while positive reputation means you can join the Fire Force.

There are a lot of NPCs with blue question mark on them in the city, they are the first quests you should do. You start with Netural Reputation and then your subsequent actions will affect that value.

Help them to get Good reputation or not to gain Bad reputation. Read more about Reputation level gain here.

Fire Force Online random beginner quests.

For example, the Old Lady’s quest ask for you to get her across the street. Help her across for Good reputation. Leave her to die for Bad reputation.

Entering A Faction

White Clad: You can head to The Slums and accept quests from The Crook NPC to pickpocket, rob people, etc. Keep doing this until you are level 3 and reach a bad reputation. Then talk to Hobie NPC still in The Slums to be taken by Sho.

Crook NPC for White Clad Faction in The Slum.

The quest is simple where you just have to turn a child into an infernal. Fight the child who can’t fight back and you’re in.

Fire Force: Help the Police Station with odd errands like cleaning the floor. Keep doing this until you’re at least level 3, but we recommend that you keep doing this until you’re higher level.

Then, find NPC Xavier by the fountain to get yourself the location on the Fire Force Base is. Find the Examiner who will take you to the exam space, but make sure to bring a friend if you’re level 3.

NPC Xavier for Fire Force test.

The first quest is related to the dialogue that you can take a screenshot to make it easy. The second quest is another easy collect 3 fruits around the area randomly.

The third quest is the real test where you have to fight a prototype Infernal. Having at least one friend allow you to tap in and out to recover and then fight again. The key to winning this fight is to use parry and block the flamethrower.

Infernal: The latest faction added to the game, Infernal can only be earned by reaching Rank 5 and remaining a Gen 1 player with no ability. Then speak to NPC Cole, bring 2 Infernal Ashes, complete his quest.


After reaching Rank 5, you’ll be randomly rolled into either Generation 1, 2, or 3. You can reroll these with Robux and with an in-game Black Market Dealer NPC that spawns periodically:

  • Generation 1: Cannot use fire ability, but has a wide range of weapons to use. Can become an Infernal.
  • Generation 2: Can use skills and weapons. Requires a lighter to use skills. Find the lighter at The Warehouse right in front of the Police Station.
  • Generation 3: Can ignite their own fire to use skills.

None of the generation is overpowered, so all it comes down to which Skill Tree you roll into. Access Skill Tree by pressing M and then choose Skill Tree. You can also do Generation Upgrade to open even more skills. Check out our guide on where to go and what to do.

We suggest that you explore what each node do for yourself. Read more on Skill Tree here.


There’s also a wide-range of sub-class that you can take regardless if you’re Fire Force or White Clad. The only requirement is being level 25 and finishing the respective trainer’s quest. You can further upgrade them at level 50:

  • Scientist, has True Form depending on the variant (Cockroach or Spider, CANNOT BE REROLLED) received.
  • Assassin, can deal combo after upgrade with skills can cause Blind.
  • Engineer, increased regens and can use offensive deployable.
  • Priest, can resurrect, heal, and deal more damage to infernals.
  • Berserker, deals more damage in group wars, can debuff and use Sho’s Heavy Stomps after upgrade.
Fire Force Online sub-classes Berserker.
  • Half-Infernal, can use Infernal skills that increases overheat, but also Energy and HP regen as well as defense scaling.
  • Wind Walker, random tornados when using M1 or evading, has active Wind Tornado skill to push back enemies.

Infernals have special sub-classes that depend on the number of kills they get:

  • Blitz, dashes has new fire dash animation, special Burning Blitz skill which is a forward offensive dash. Blockable.
  • Tail, random chance to reduce incoming damage by half.
  • Redirection, special Flaming Riposte skill that absorbs incoming damage, the more the harder the beam hits. Unblockable.
  • Spitter, special Ignited Shots skill that knocks back opponent. Blockable. M1s also causes burn randomly.
Ignited Shots skill from Infernal sub-class, Spitter.

Strength, Defense & EXP Buffs

Aside from skills, you can raise your Strength and Defense at the Training Ground in The Slums. The Slums are easily pass the steel fence here and stick to the left wall until you see the area where you can train them.

The Slums location.

Additionally, wearing weights can increase your EXP gain. Weighted Vest increases EXP where you get hit. Arm Weights increases EXP when you land hits.

Misc. and Endgame

Depending on the faction, you need to grind your level with the Lawyer or Toto NPC. They give a lot of money and EXPs for simple quests. For endgame, there’s a lot that you need to explore. But first off, here’s a guide to level up to the current cap, 55.

Augments is another thing that you can grind for. They have a very low drop rate from Sho Kusakabe boss chest and Turf War chest. Currently, there are 20 types of Augments. They can also be upgraded using 20 Augment Cyrstals guaranteed drop by Augmented Bosses or from NPCs.

That should cover everything for you who had just started in Fire Force Online. Let us know anything you have questions on.


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