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Fix Epic Games Not Launching, Can’t Login & Grey screen | 2022 Guide

Launch the Epic Games easily and deal with small bugs!

As we know Epic Games has a lot of good games for which you can get a good discount occasionally and you can also find them for free for a certain period. So, it can be quite frustrating when you can’t launch it. We will be discussing how to solve this problem in more detail in this article.

Epic Games: Not Launching, Can’t Login & Grey screen 2022 Guide

The first thing you can do after waiting long enough for the Epic Games loading screen to appear is to click the settings button in the lower-left corner. 

If at the beginning you see a bar that says Restart and Update, click on it. This will download and install any new Epic Games updates

If there are no new updates scroll down to the Troubleshoot option, click on it. Here, Epic Games will analyze all the background files. 

When the analysis is complete, go below and see if you have the minimum requisites. If any of the parameters are highlighted in red, it means that something is missing

Next, press Windows key + R, and in type % LocalAppData%. This is where the installations will open. 

Find Epic Games> Epic Online Services> Browse Cache and delete all files here. Now, go back to Epic Online Services> UI Helper> Cache and delete all files here. 

In addition, find Epic Games Launcher> Saved> Webcache_4147 also delete all files here. With this, we have cleared all cache folders for Epic Games. 

If these things do not work, try to uninstall and install Epic Games and this should solve all the problems. 

Generally, if there is a problem like this, the Troubleshoot option should find it so it is your initial best bet to solve this problem.

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