Fix Stuck Loading, Black Screen, Fatal Errors & Connection Issues – Scavengers

Scavengers errors on launch.

With the release of Scavengers, there was quite a lot of interest. However, as players went through most of the game modes in Scavengers, not all were left impressed. Nonetheless, one thing that couldn’t be denied is the fact that this game is fast-paced and competitive. There are a few issues upon launch though. Reports are flooding in of players experiencing black screens, fatal errors, connection issues, and stuck at loading. Can these be fixed?

Scavengers: Fix Stuck Loading, Black Screen, Fatal Errors & Connection Issues

There isn’t a whole lot of tech-wizardy needed to fix these errors. In fact, they’re common for most games for Windows, and not just Scavengers. In other words, they aren’t an underlying issue, but an individually-unique issue.

The most common way to fix black screen, stuck loading, fatal errors and connection issues in Scavengers, and other games in general is:

  • ALT + Enter – When launching the game, try to use ALT + Enter to switch between resolution modes.
  • Windows Update & Graphics Card Update – This is a cliché, and yet many overlook this. It is very important to update your system, and your GPU drivers as well.
  • Add an exception for Scavengers in ‘Controlled Folder Access’
  • Update the game if necessary or verify integrity of game files through Steam
  • Run as administrator
  • Add an exception for Scavengers in your Windows Firewall and Antivirus software
  • Run the game in a compatibility mode for Windows 7, 8, or lower
  • Switch to a wired connection if you use Wi-Fi

Most of the time, these fixes will mitigate any fatal crashes, freezes, connection issues, or errors of similar nature.

If this weren’t helpful though, contact Scavengers’ support team for more assistance on the issue you’re having. Also, let us know of any fixes we might’ve missed!

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