Formula Apex: Complete Miami GP Hotlap Guide

Gotta go fast!

Formula Apex has a brand-new Miami GP Hotlap track, part of the new Hugo Challenge event, and we’ve got a complete guide to help you ace it! The Miami GP Hotlap is the main course of the event. You can race other players in it or even practice in a time-attack mode. Either way, you will accrue Hugo Points to get a variety of cosmetics and badges from the event. In this guide, we’ll tell you everything there is to know about the Hugo Challenge event and give you a breakdown of the Miami track so you can get the best time possible.

Complete Miami GP Hotlap | Hugo Challenge

Hugo Challenge in the Main Menu

The Miami GP Hotlap is the main part of the Hugo Challenge, which can be started at any time from the main menu. Just select the large banner with the “Hugo Challenge” tag, on the left side of the screen!

Hugo Challenge menu

This will further give you three different options you can choose from, as follows:

  • Challenge – The main mode, considering it’s the Hugo Challenge! This allows you to race against other players in the new Miami track. You can also choose goals, basically betting on how well you will do in the race. Meet the goal you chose and you’ll get Hugo Points, with harder goals giving more points.
  • Free Race – A practice and time attack mode taking place in the Miami track. You can race freely to get a feel for the track and beat your own times. Reaching milestones, such as beating your own times, will give you a small amount of Hugo Points.
  • Planet Hugo – A shortcut to visit the Planet Hugo Roblox experience, which is separate from Formula Apex. Nonetheless, it allows you to play minigames and spend your Hugo Points to get cosmetics and car parts in Formula Apex. Enjoy it while the cross-promotion event lasts!
Goal Selection

When it comes to the Challenge and Free Race modes, they both can only be done using the VCARB F1 2024 car. If you want to burn rubber in the Miami track with another car, you will need to wait. The developers already stated that it will be available in other modes once the Hugo Challenge event ends!

Hugo Points – What are they for?

Planet Hugo | Formula Apex: Complete Miami GP Hotlap Guide

The Hugo Points from the Miami GP Hotlap event are primarily meant for you to get a unique time-limited badge in Formula Apex. For that, you need to collect at least 200 Hugo Points through the Miami GP Hotlap Challenge and Free Race modes.

Cosmetic Unlocks

Additionally, you can get cosmetics in the Planet Hugo hub after you earn 200 Hugo Points. This includes things like the Yuki Tsunoda and Daniel Ricciardo signed T-shirts for your Roblox avatar. Stock is limited, though, so get them while they’re still available!

Convert Hugo Points

Lastly, you can trade your Hugo Points for Apex Pounds. If you’ve got no use for them anymore, this is a great way to increase your funds for free in Formula Apex.

Now, we should give you a breakdown of the Miami GP Hotlap track itself. It has some tricky curves, but we have some pointers to help you smoothly take them without slowing down too much!

Track Breakdown | Formula Apex: Complete Miami GP Hotlap Circuit Guide

Track Breakdown

As soon as you start the lap, you should stick to the left side of the track and look for the 100- and 50-meter signs. You want to start braking a bit before the 100-meter sign and turn right when you reach the 50-meter sign.

Track Breakdown

After exiting the first curve, start accelerating again and steer to your left to take the next curve. Then follow the wide curve while sticking to the right side of the track.

Track Breakdown

Eventually, you will reach a white overhang with the Hugo logo. You want to start steering to the left side of the track, following the curve. You might need to lift and coast for this curve, if you’re going too fast.

Track Breakdown

Next, you need to switch to the right side of the track and follow the curb. Again, lift and coast if you need to speed down a bit. You shouldn’t need to brake at this point, however.

Track Breakdown

Right after the previous curves, you should now see a sharp turn to the left. You will need to brake lightly in this part while trying to stick to the right curb of the track. Keep steering left and brake as needed until you exit the curve.

Track Breakdown

Once you exit the curve and cross the red Hugo overhang, feel free to engage DRS and ERS to maximize your speed. There are no sharp turns for a bit, with many straight sections where you can go as fast as the wind!

Halfway Through the Track

Track Breakdown

After you cross the second next red Hugo overhang, stick to the right side of the track and start braking. You should follow the marked braking zone on the curb, starting to brake alongside it. 

Track Breakdown

While braking, look for the sign pointing to the left. You want to start steering left slightly before you reach the sign itself.

Track Breakdown

Exit the left curve and then start steering right while accelerating. You need to accelerate while trying to take the curve to the right if you want to maximize your speed in this section.

Track Breakdown

Go past the next red Hugo overhang and you should be in a section going slightly uphill. Try to stick to the right side of the track, following the curb. You might need to brake lightly in this section, as you want to avoid speeding.

Track Breakdown

Now, steer to the left and try to go over the curb on the corner. 

Track Breakdown

Once going over the curb, quickly steer right. This should allow you to take the extremely sharp turn easily, by going from one corner of the curb to the other.

Track Breakdown

After you go under the highway section, you want to start braking slightly while steering left. The next curve isn’t very sharp, but you still need to slow down somewhat to take it with ease.

Crossing the Finish Line!

Track Breakdown

This will lead to a long straight section, where you can just put the pedal to the metal. Don’t forget to engage DRS and ERS as well to fully maximize your speed!

Track Breakdown

Keep your speed up until you see the red Hugo banner on the right side of the track.

Track Breakdown

For this final curve, you want to stick to the curb on the right side and start braking along with the striped marks on the curb. Exit the curve and you’re free to just go full throttle ahead until you cross the finish line!

The Finish Line

We hope this breakdown of the track helps you. However, there’s nothing quite like practice, to hit the Free Race mode and get a first-hand feel for the Miami GP Hotlap track in Formula Apex.

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