Fruit Battlegrounds: How To Get Soul Fruit Guide & Showcase

Time to get the new fruit in the game!

Fruit Battlegrounds How To Get Soul Fruit Guide & Showcase

There are a lot of fruits in Fruit Battlegrounds, thus the name and some of them can be effective at many things. The developers are also adding more fruits with each update and one of the newest additions is the Soul Fruit.

Of course, since it’s a new one it’s going to be a bit unbalanced and a lot of players are wondering what it does. The chances of getting this fruit are low but at least there are two ways of getting it in the game!

In this guide, we’ll show you how you can get the Soul Fruit in the game. We’ll also show you what the fruit’s moves are, so you know what to expect!

How To Get Soul Fruit Guide & Showcase

Only recently did Fruit Battleground developers release the Dragon update and now they have a new one. They’ve added the Soul Fruit into the game, and there are a couple of ways that you can get this fruit. Also, since it’s a new one, expect it to be a little bit OP before the developers nerf it in a future update!

Obtaining The Soul Fruit

To get the soul, fruit it’s pretty simple, just like any other fruit in the game you can spin to get it. Since this fruit is a Mythical one it will be difficult to get it since the chances of it is 0.01%!

Fruit Battlegrounds Cake Queen Boss

There is another soul fruit in the game, but this is the Physical Soul Fruit. You can get this one from the Cake Queen boss (Big Mom) in Fruits Battleground. The chance of it dropping is 1% and unlike spinning for it you can’t drop or store this fruit.

If you get the Soul Fruit in the game, then congratulations! Also, make sure to check out our detailed guide on the best way to level up fruits in Fruit Battlesgrounds!

Soul Fruit Moves & Mechanics

Now that you know how to get the fruit here are all of the moves you can use with it. Unlike other fruits with transformation, this one only alters the base skills slightly. So here are all the moves!

M1 Attacks

The normal M1 attacks of the fruit let you swing your sword for a 4-hit combo. The 4th hit will push enemies back and you’ll get souls added to your soul meter. More on the soul meter later!

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Enthral Grasp

Enthral Grasp

This move is a close-range skill that pulls enemies towards you and ends with you slashing at them and stunning them.

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Scorching Sickle

Scorching Sickle

When you use this move you shoot out a projectile in the shape of a fiery slash. The range is infinite and can send enemies flying.

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Zeus Meadow

Zeus Meadow

With this move, you’ll teleport into the air and rain down lightning strikes below. You can move around to guide where the lightning hits.

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Crimson Pillar

Crimson Pillar

The best attack in the move set is when you summon a pillar of fire from below an enemy ‘grabbing’ them. Then you summon a second pillar of fire which transports the enemy and deals damage to them. This move can’t be blocked.

Souls Mechanic

When you equip the Soul fruit you might notice the soul meter at the right of your screen. Every time you hit the 4-move M1 attack combo or any of the skills you get 1 soul. When you get 15 souls you can use the transform move.

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Soul Meter


When you reach the minimum of 15 souls you can use the Transform move. You can also transform when you reach a maximum of 25 souls. When in this state most of your skills will have wider AOE’s as well as stronger attacks.

Fruit Battlegrounds Soul Fruit Transform

Each skill used while transformed will also consume 1 soul until you have none left. You’ll then go back to your base form.

That’s how you can get the Soul Fruit in Fruit Battlegrounds as well as a showcase of its moves. Now, go out there and try to get it yourself!

Up next, why not check out our guide on how to reach the Whole Cake Island location? This is where you can fight the Big Mom boss as well.


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