Genshin Impact: Activate The Seal On The Ancient Array Core Guide

Destroy the Ancient Array Core by activating the seals!

A new Archon Quest is out called “The Crane Returns on The Wind”. As you enter the Sea Gazer’s abode, you are faced with an Ancient Array Core. Learn how to activate the seal on the Ancient Array Core using this guide!

Activate the Seal on The Ancient Array Core — Genshin Impact

As you approach the Ancient Array Core, a notice will pop up saying that you need to first activate the ancient array core. There are a total of three seals in the area that you need to activate first.

Go to your left for the first seal. You will need a Geo character like the traveler or Zhongli or a heavy weapon character to activate the seals.

Defeat the enemies and use a Geo Attack or destroy the ore in the area.

Head to the lamps to activate them. Go to the right area and destroy the ore again. Activate the lamp using the Geo remnant from the ore. Lastly, use the Anemo current to get to the last Seal.

Destroy the ore again and activate the lamp. Go back down and enemies will appear. Defeat the enemies to destroy the barrier and expose the Ancient Array Core.

After defeating the enemies, quickly attack the Ancient Array Core to destroy it.

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