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Genshin Impact: All 10 Toki Alley 4 Torn Page Locations

We’re almost done! Let’s finish part IV!

I find myself in a love-hate relationship with collectibles. I HAVE to get them all, no matter what, but I hate to look for them from the bottom of my heart. Especially if I don’t see them on the map. In moments like these I hope some poor fellow online has already found them and has made a comprehensive list which tells me where to find them… I will be that poor fellow today and will tell you where the Torn Pages for the 4th part of the Toki Alley Tales are!

All 10 Toki Alley 4 Torn Page Locations – Genshin Impact

As said in the title, there are 10 pages you’ll need to find. Without further ado, here are the locations:

  • Inazuma

    Right next to this Teleport Waypoint, you’ll find the note stuck on a broken down shrine.

  • Ruin Machine

    East of Bourou Village, next to the Machine, right where the Custom Pin is located on the picture below, you’ll find the page.
    It’s gonna be on a broken down pillar.

  • Bourou Village

    Same as before, it’s gonna be where the Custom Pin is, right in the middle of Bourou Village.
    Look on a crate next to Kiyoko, the merchant, for something shining.

  • Beach, South of Bourou Village

    You will find it stuck on a crate, next to the single boat there on dock.

  • Cave, Southwest of Bourou Village

    Where the Pin is stuck, there is a cave. Look inside and you’ll see a few crates stacked on one another. On top of them you’ll find the 5th Torn Page.

  • Mouun Shrine

    Right inside the big, ruined temple, you’ll see the page stuck to a wooden pole.

  • Sangonomiya Shrine

    As you approach Sangonomiya Shrine, go to the left of it, on the outside. You’ll see it shining.

  • Northeast of Sangonomiya Shrine

    Where the Custom Pin is located, you’ll see a small building that’s sealed off. To the left of it, on a few stone slabs, you’ll see the page shining.

  • Southwest of Suigetsu Pool

    As the spot shown below, you’ll find a campsite, behind the waterfalls. Once you reach that campsite, go to the left and climb the ladder to reach a place with a lot of loot and the page.

  • Suigetsu Pool

    Once inside Suigetsu Pool, jump through a hole that to the right and look for an opening on the ceiling. There is a hidden crack in the ceiling that’s big and easy to see. Climb in there.
    You’ll find the final page in one of those hidden ceiling rooms.

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