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Genshin Impact: All Deceased Samurai Locations | Rest in Peace Achievement

Can’t find all deceased samurai locations? Follow this guide!

With the new update for the widely acclaimed Genshin Impact coming out recently, a number of achievements have also been added to the game, on top of new world quests. The one we’re gonna talk about here is the “Rest in Peace” achievement in which you have to find the resting place of old samurais. Sounds easy enough, right? Too bad there isn’t any marker for them on the map of the game. Well, that’s what this article is here for! To show you those exact locations!

All Deceased Samurai Locations & Rest in Peace Achievement – Genshin Impact

Here are the locations for the deceased samurais, accompanied by pictures that show exactly where the 10 chests are:

  • As you come up from Nazuchi Beach up to the Musouji Gorge, you will find a shiny purple sword waiting for you:

  • Head on South West from the first chest to a circle of swords that has a “Luxurious chest” in the middle, up the Musoujin Gorge:

  • Down South East from the “Sword-henge”, on the beach of the little peninsula on the map below, you will find your third resting place:

  • Head to the next beach, South of the last chest, to find your fourth chest and purple sword waiting for you:

  • Go up across the Jakotsu Mine and past it to the little hill shown below. Here’s your resting place and reward for looking for it:

  • Head up North, right below Higi Village, on the beach next to it. There is a nice chest waiting for you there:

  • Advance to Higi Village, right in the middle of it, and there’s a sword shining sitting, waiting for you:

  • Get out of the village, past the bridge and the 7th resting place is waiting for you there:

  • This one’s a bit further away. Walk, or fly, up North, past Fort Fujitou, almost next to the beautiful beach on the other side:

  • For the last one, you’ll have to leave the island and get down to Fort Mumei. On the southern most little island, you’ll find the sword:

Now, here’s some advice before going for these. To make the chests appear, you’ll have to summon an Electrogranum and then touch the sword.

This will make an enemy or two appear, which will be level 57, so be prepared. Once they’re defeated, you’ll get the chest. When all of them have been defeated, you’ll get the achievement.

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