Genshin Impact: All Update 4.4 Hidden Achievements Guide

Hidden achievements galore.

Genshin Impact: All Update 4.4 Hidden Achievements Guide

Are you ready for more hidden achievements in Genshin Impact with Version 4.4? With the addition of new areas, chests, puzzles, and more, players also get a slew of new achievements to do. Each typically grant anywhere from 5-10 primogems.

All Update 4.4 Hidden Achievements

In this list, we’re going to show all the hidden achievements that are just way out of the left field. Enjoy!

“What About Sliced Meat Now?”

What About Sliced Meat Now? achievement location.

Head to the north of the Chenyu Vale, on the shore just outside Yilong Wharf to find this Ancient Stone Tablet. It has a long poem about nature and particularly, fauna. It asks for “offerings of meat,” so head up the slope and feed some Raw Meat/Fowl/Shrimp/Fish to the sea.

Watch the magic comes by. Literally.

Feeding meat during the What About Sliced Meat Now? achievement.

You can get some more Clearwater Jades from doing this achievement as well. Don’t stop here! Jump on it and “try to touch” to get it to bring you to its babies!

Up the Bishui

Up the Bishui is an achievement where you have to take the full trip up or down the Bishui River. Think of it like the full canal trip in Fontaine. You can do it by talking to Bosu or Sun Rao.

Up the Bishui achievement in Genshin Impact.

Rowers for Up the Bishui achievement.

Tell them you want to ride the bamboo raft to Yilong Wharf/Qiaoying Village. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the songs.

Long Days in the Realm Within

Find a table with teacups in these areas where you have to solve the puzzles. Pour the tea to finish each of the puzzle. There’s a total of 4 areas:

Long Days in the Realm Within achievement teacup locations.
  • Teatree Slope: Guide 4 crystalflies to the teacup area. (cutscene)
Teatree Slope teacup for Long Days in the Realm Within achievement.
  • North of Qiaoying Village: Break the crates that are up the stairs behind the ruin wall. Ride the Golden Carp’s Leaf to get to your Precious Chest.
  • Chizhang Wall: Dig up the teacups. Don’t forget to also taste the tea to unlock the Precious Chest!
Chizhang Wall teacup for Long Days in the Realm Within achievement.
  • West of Solitary Suanni: Approach the rocks until they vanish. There are 3 rocks, the middle one is the only that spawns the teacups.

Secret Miracle

Chiwang Terrace Secret Miracle achievement location.

You need to clear 3 Hilichurls camps closes to this point right here. Make sure all 3 Sacred Simulacrum are in this spot, and then wait until it’s 14.30. Stand right in the gorge inside the Chiwang Terrace.

When the shadow of a carp passes through, you’ll get a Luxurious Chest and the achievement!

“Wanna Learn? I’ll Teach You!”

Genshin Impact achievement "Wanna Learn? I'll Teach You!"

You have to first clear A Wangshang Walk to Remember World Quest. Head to this area in Mt. Lingmeng near Wangshang Hall. Kill the Stonehide Lawachurl and then relog to spawn another Lawachurl. If you haven’t done the quest, the Lawachurls won’t spawn.

Kill the second one and then a third one, and you’ll get the achievement.

Five Blades Return to Wangshan

Five Blades Return to Wangshan locations for achievement.

Yet another one that you can get after A Wangshang Walk to Remember World Quest. You end the quest with one of the blades and an inscription to read. Find another 4 in these locations and read the inscriptions to get your achievement. (The other 4 locations shown above.)

At the Construction of the Endless Wall

At the Construction of the Endless Wall treasure map.

If you’ve found this map and have no idea what this means, cheers. If you don’t, don’t worry about it.

Head to the west of Chizhang Wall where you’ll find a ruin here with Jade Incense Cauldron locking the door. Open that door to get the Ancient City Key and Chizhang Map. This is a map that indicates where you need to go to get your loot.

The loot is to the south of Chizhang Wall. Refer to the picture below for the exact location. There’ll be a locked door which you can open with the key. Grab your loot and your achievement!

At the Construction of the Endless Wall treasure location.

The Carp Leaps, Heaven’s Gates Open

The Carp Leaps, Heaven's Gates Open achievement puzzle in Genshin Impact.

This area up in the mountains just southwest from the Solitary Suanni is where you can find 3 Seelie puzzles. Finish them all and open the chests so you can send the floating platform to the middle.

Then hop on the Golden Carp’s Leaf which will bring you to the water. Hop on the next one and just let it flow until you reach your destination!

Good as New

Good as New ruined areas to fix.

There are 7 ruined areas you need to check for Good As New achievement, despite the achievement saying that there are 6.

All of them share the same type of puzzle where you have to place the Sacred Simulacrum and other pieces back in place.

Non-Hidden Backup Energy Source

Non-Hidden Backup Energy Source achievement location.

Near the reconstruction site from Good as New achievement in the north is a cave blocked by a Ruin Guard. You need a Ruin Machine Core which you can get a little further to the north after clearing out the Ruin machines.

And that’s for all the hidden achievements in Genshin Impact Version 4.4 in Chenyu Vale! If you’re up for another achievement, we have a guide for Ancestor’s Mystery as well.


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