Genshin Impact: Athos’s Confession

Does the cause justify the means?

Genshin Impact: Athos's Confession
Genshin Impact: Athos's Confession

Genshin Impact in their latest update for Fontaine added many treasures, namely Athos’s Confession. It’s one of the many side quests and secret sequences you can find in the Hydro nation. This is one of the 8 Treasure Maps hidden around the new Morte Region and we’re going to show you where exactly you can find the chest. Keep reading!

Athos’s Confession Treasure Map and Treasure Location

You first need to find Athos’s Confession Treasure Map in Fontaine. To be precise, it’s in the northern region of the mysterious tower, just before exiting the Mysterious Ruins.

There’s a total of 8 and you can read this guide on All Fontaine Treasure Maps Locations to find them all.

Read the note to learn about the location of the treasure, which is a thank-you gift for learning of the truth about Athos’s crime.

Genshin Impact: Athos's Confession note

Teleport to Lumidouce Harbor and then drop down to the lower water level “between the waterfalls.” Next to the time-challenge is a suspicious dig site.

Dig it to unearth the treasure hidden here. You will notice the changes in the note’s description, meaning that you’ve picked it up.

Genshin Impact: Athos's Confession treasure

And that’s where you can find Athos’s Confession treasure map and the treasure indicated inside the message in Genshin Impact. Looking for more chests? Check this one out for Parker’s Hopes.

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