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Genshin Impact: Boatman Ghost Location

Get hints from the Boatman Ghost!

The Boatman Ghost is an NPC or entity in the Tsurumi Island. Where exactly is this ghost located and what is its purpose? This guide will help you find the location of the Boatman Ghost and its purpose on the Tsurumi Island quest. 

How to Unlock the Boatman Ghost

Before the Boatman Ghost appears, you need to finish the “Through the Mist” quest. You also need to clear up the fog that is surrounding Tsurumi Island. After completing this quest, you will unlock the Boatman Ghost as well as the other ghosts in Tsurumi Island. 

Location of the Boatman Ghost

Boatman Ghost can be found on Shirikoro Peak. Teleport to the Shirikoro Peak waypoint and head east. Go down the cliff and you will notice a circular pattern on the ground. Go to this area and you will notice the Boatman Ghost next to the challenge area. 

Who is the Boatman Ghost?

The Boatman ghost will give you hints on the ghost you have not rescued in Tsurumi Island. When you talk to the Boatman Ghost, it will say lines about the ghosts and their troubles in Tsurumi Island. After you complete the request of the ghosts, Boatman Ghost will stop mentioning them in its voice lines.

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