Genshin Impact: Brewing Developments Guide

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Events in MMOs, Gacha games and live service games are always welcomed by the community. It breaks the monotony of old players who are grinding and gives them something else to do. Not only that but usually these events give out rewards specific to those events. Sometimes these events can even be so fun that people are hyped for them just with major patches.

In Genshin Impact there’s a new event called Brewing Developments. In this guide we’ll show you how the quests work so that you can get those rewards! Now let’s see what this event can offer to us and hopefully it’s fun!

Brewing Developments Guide For Genshin Impact

Once you’re in the game you can start the quest by going to the Events tab. There you can select Go to Quest and it’ll show you the first one which is called “Boiling Over!” For this quest you’ll need to go to the area marked on the map, just east of Aaru Village, below the Ruins of Dahri.

There you’ll need to talk to the strange researcher called Hajanad. After talking to the NPC a small text tutorial will open showing how Brewing Developments work. Then you can enter the arena which is a big blue door nearby.

Basically, they’re a timed battles where you need to defeat as much enemies as possible. Everytime you defeat an enemy you get points. You need to get as many points as possible before the timer runs out.

While you’re fighting, a random brew will be given to you that will give your characters buffs in the battle. You can also check the monster list to see what kind of enemies to expect in each wave.

You’ll need to finish the 3 rounds of Brewing Developments. After doing 3 rounds you’ll be sent back to the entrance. The event gives you rewards based on your high score, with rewards on 1000, 2000 and 4000 points.

Congratulations you now know how the Brewing Developments event works in Genshin Impact. Now go out there and try to do the event!

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