Genshin Impact: Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade Guide (Act 1 – 4) – Update 4.4

Complete the 4 Acts in 1 guide!

Lingyuan in Genshin Impact Update 4.4

The Update 4.4 has finally arrived in Genshin Impact, and it introduces the new questline, Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade. It’s one of the many World Quest series to be added in this patch. It takes place in Liyue and a new area called Chenyu Vale and brings new interesting mechanics to the game. Here’s a detailed guide to help you complete the Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade questline in Genshin Impact.

Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade Guide (Act 1 – 4)

The Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade questline is divided into 3 Acts, as well as a 4th Act (Epilogue). I’ve provided a Table of Contents below, arranged in the order of the Acts. Feel free to use it, so you can easily navigate to whichever part you need help. Let’s go!

Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain (Act 1)

Starting Act 1: Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain quest from Chenyu’s Blessings of Sunken Jade World Quest is as easy as stepping foot into the new Chenyu Vale area.

Here’s a summary of what to do during this quest:

  • Use your adeptal energy to leave the mountain.
  • Go to Qiaoying Village.
  • Go to teamaking workshop.
  • Leave Qiaoying Village.
  • Follow the Golden Carp.
  • Solve the puzzle.

I was gliding into the area when my character was suddenly transported Melusine-village style (but green). You’ll find yourself in the humble abode of the Adeptus Fujin.

Use your adeptal energy to leave the mountain

She apologizes for rudely pulling you into her house. The Adeptus gently explained that she needed your help to investigate the imbalance of local water and soil. Oh, no, an emergecy threatens the fine quality of Chenyu Vale’s tea production!

Please note: This is where you are introduced to the Adeptal Energy mechanism. This is a unique mechanism is Chenyu Vale where you ride on Golden Carps to places, almost like Sumeru’s Four-Leaf Sigils.

After this sequence, you will be immediately sent very close to the Statue of the Seven (as shown in the screenshot above) of Upper Vale. So that’s convenient!

Go to teamaking workshop (Fine Tea, Full Moon Recipe)

Keep walking and there will be another cutscene as he explains that the tea situation is very dire. In Old Luo’s words, “No tea may be sold until the quality problem is solved.”

After speaking his thoughts on the tea problem, he asks you to visit the teamaking workshop up north. While heading up here, you can get some Chenyu Adeptea (really, Hoyo?) growing here. There’s also a Waypoint to unlock.

Up North, another sequence begins as a serious discussion about the tea problem takes place. Somehow, it ends with us having to test teacake made from two different batches of tea leaves. This confirms that the issue is not in the machine, but the tea itself.

Here, you’ll get the Fine Tea, Full Moon Recipe after concurring to the Grandpa’s sly convincing that we do have something to do at Yilong Wharf. Keep walking after leaving the village until you reach the indicated area.

Follow the Golden Carp

You’re going to have to use the Adeptal Energy mechanic here. After pressing T, launch yourself towards the Golden Carp with LMB on PC, or just click on the area on your device.

Clear the area from the Treasure Hoarders here. Now, you need to solve the puzzle. Which is actually easy, as you just need to make all the rocks shine equally. Do this by pressing T which will let you carry the rock, and then move to where the unlit rocks are.

Fujin reappears afterward and after chatting with you as you agree to help her, a certain figure appears to be watching you from afar.

Continue walking ahead, flicking on another three Waypoints while you’re at it. Upon entering the wharf, another dialogue takes place. We finally meet the technician, Hautemontagne.

After talking to Little Mao, you both decided to set off together as the little boy seems to know a lot about Chenyu Vale’s nature.

And with that, we’ve finished “Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain” quest in Genshin Impact! I’ll see in the next Act, “Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu Guide.”

Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu (Act 2)

Previously, we’ve confirmed that the problem of reduced tea leaves quality in the region has been due to the imbalance soil and water condition. One might not fully understand what they mean by this, but after speaking to Little Mao, we might just have a clue as to how to fix it.

Here’s a summary of Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu quest:

  • Follow Little Mao.
  • Try entering the waterfall.
  • Explore the domain.
  • Clean the mural.
  • Go to watchtower at Yilong Wharf.
  • Board the bamboo raft and go to the Jademouth.
  • Go to the Jademouth.
  • Investigate the stone shrine (2).
  • Go back beneath the jade.
  • Try using your adeptal energy.
  • Jump into the whirlpool.
  • Follow the carp.
  • Collect the scattered adeptal energy (4).
  • Return to the Votive Rainjade.

Follow Little Mao out of Yilong Wharf

After speaking to Hautemontagne and Little Mao in Yilong Wharf, head back out of the port city to the east. Then, just south of where the NPC for “Temporary Acclimatization” World Quest at the bottom of the waterfall is where you need to go.

As you approach the waterfall, Little Mao will point out the breakable rocks. Break the rocks to reveal a platform. Use Adeptal Energy by pressing T to bring it up, revealing an entry through the waterfall.

How to enter the waterfall domain in Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu.

Enter the domain and explore it. Little Mao will appear next to you, so all you need to do is follow him and interact with the claw marks on the way up. Not far is where the mural’s at.

Clean the moss-covered mural with your Adeptal Energy (T). Little Mao will then tell you all about the pass of Qiaoying Village and how rituals of past used to grant them prosperity through the soil.

Mural inside the waterfall.

Follow Mao to return to Yilong Wharf and arrive at the watchtower. Just keep walking straight and another dialogue will take place. Little Mao will be your guide in explaining where the river flow and what the Jademouth is.

Now you know where to go, so it’s time to board the bamboo raft that’ll take us there. Just approach the small dock and talk to Bosu. A lot of lore is revealed as we ride through the river and talk about Rex Lapis and a certain great white snake.

Unlocking Chenlong Cleft

We’ll then arrive at the Waypoint for Jademouth that you can flick on now. Walk up the hill to get a good view of the Jademouth. Little Mao explains that we need to investigate the Stone Shrines to the northeast and southwest.

Stone Shrines in Jademouth.

To the southwest, ride on the Golden Carp’s Leaf to reach your target location faster. You’ll be introduced to the Jade Incense Cauldron mechanic. TL;DR, aim your adeptal energy in a straight line from one end to another to flick on as many incense as possible.

Investigate Stone Shrines.

Now go to the other side and stand behind the incense diagonally opposite from the other cauldron. Throw your Adeptal Energy and it’ll lit up everything. Once you do, it’ll unlock the Stone Shrine for you to activate.

To the northeast, ride the Golden Carp’s Leaf and clear out the Treasure Hoarders. After 3 waves, you’re done and then turn on the Stone Shrine on this side. Easy!

Go back to where Little Mao is with the Waypoint. Little Mao suggests we use our Adeptal Energy to stir the whirlpool. Easy, just look up and then use your Adeptal Energy at the giant jade hanging there. The whirlpool will appear.

Whirlpool heading into Chenlong Cleft in Jademouth.

Ride the Golden Carp’s Leaf to reach the center of the whirlpool. Just launch yourself in the general direction of the middle of the whirlpool and glide down into Chenlong Cleft. We will meet another Golden Carp here. Follow it. Don’t miss the common chest!

Follow the Golden Carp to the Votive Rainjade.

The carp will lead you to a Waypoint and then pass that, where the Votive Rainjade. Fujin explains that she needs it removed because it’s been growing too large. And to do so, we need to collect 4 scattered adeptal energy.

Collect the Scattered Adeptal Energy (4)

These adeptal energies are rather mischievous. You’ve going to have to keep an eye on them because they’ll keep jumping around before you can send them off. Below are the locations of all the scattered Adeptal Energy to collect.

Locations of Scattered Adeptal Energy in Chenlong Cleft World Quest.
  • Adeptal Energy #1 is just right below the Votive Rainjade surrounded by 2 Hilichurls. Interacting with this will suddenly enlarge the other bell ruins. The furthest one is where you can find the Adeptal Energy. Fun fact: one of them give you a lot of artifact fodders!
Adeptal Energy #1.

Then, Simply interact with the energy by pressing T to send it to the Rainjade.

Adeptal Energy #2.
  • Adeptal Energy #2 is right next to the first one. Press T to begin the chase. Just follow this floating mist as it stops a few times and transforms into a boar. It’ll provide two Golden Leaf’s Carp throughout the chase to make things easier. Also, you can just ignore all the enemies on the way, except for the final boar. Along with the Adeptal Energy, you’ll get a Precious Chest as well.

Take the Golden Carp’s Leaves to make your way back to the center.

  • Adeptal Energy #3 is to your right when you’re back to the center. A seelie is trapped in this hilichurl camp, so clear it out. Let the seelie out and it’ll summon its friends to reveal the Adeptal Energy below. Easy chest and energy.
Releasing Seelie to get Adeptal Energy #3.
  • Adeptal Energy #4 is just beyond the third one. Keep walking past the seelie’s house to an area with submerged pyro totem puzzle. Use your Adeptal Energy to bring them out of the water and lit them before they submerge back. This will bring up the energy and the chest.
Adeptal Energy #4 locked behind pyro totem puzzle.

Take the Golden Carp’s Leaves to make your way back to the center.

Now we can return to the Votive Rainjade. After the dialogue, the Votive Rainjade will shrink and we’re now ready to continue to the next act of the World Quest. Talk to Mao to let him know you’re ready to go.

This also concludes the “Floating Jade Treasure of Chenyu” act of Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Gate World Quest in Genshin Impact. Here’s guide for the 3rd Act, An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade!

An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade (Act 3)

The An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade quest begins after we follow Little Mao to Fogbank River. Little Mao will guide us through and here’s a summary of what to do:

  • Go to Fogbank River.
  • Follow Little Mao.
  • Take care of the nearby miasma (3).
  • Check the cavern.
  • Follow the Golden Carp.
  • Prepare for the Rainjade Rite (2).
  • Talk to Fujin.
  • Go to Adeptus’s Repose.
  • Take care of the nearby miasma (3).
  • Check the clues nearby.
  • Examine the mural.
  • Go to Mt. Xuanlian.
  • Explore Mt. Xuanlian.
  • Collect the Spirit Orb (3).
  • Use your Adeptal Energy to activate the Spirit Orb.
  • Go back to look for Fujin.
  • Talk to Fujin.
  • Climb the sacred mountain.
  • Accompany Fujin & take care of the nearby miasma.
  • Calm Lingyuan down.
  • Escort Little Mao back to Qiaoying Village.

Before starting the quest, we suggest that you go flick on the Statue of the Seven in the Southern Mountain. This will make navigating around easier during the “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” quest.

Go to Fogbank River

Once you arrive at Fogbank River, a cutscene will begin, revealing Little Mao’s friend, Bluey. He tries to assure us that Bluey is friendly. I’m not very convinced, though.

After that, follow Little Mao into the cave. As you continue through the cave, you’ll have to face several hilichurls. The first bunch are normal ones guarding a chest.

But the second one introduces the Miasma. This is a battle mechanic where you have to focus on clearing the leader to shutdown the Miasma. Once you kill it, press T on the tree to shut it down. For this specific situation, you have to shutdown 3 of them.

How to clear Miasma in Chenyu Vale.

Once you’re done, you get a Precious Chest and a pathway leading to the cavern. You’ll see a similar mural from the second Act, so use your Adeptal Energy to clear the mural. More lore drop ensues.

This is where Fujin will appear, checking in on the group since the miasmas were thick. Follow Fujin’s Golden Carp as she instructed.

Preparing the Rainjade Rite

We’ll arrive at the location where Rainjade Rite is performed. After reminiscing the past a little bit, she asks for your help to prepare for the Rainjade Rite. Bless Fujin because we can now walk on water around this area.

For the one on the top, just approach the small box on the ground to reveal a floating platform. Step on it and then ride up the current, look to your side to find another platform. Land on it and press T to reveal more platforms.

How to prepare the Rainjade Rite during An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade quest.

No need to walk all the way there, just press T on the Golden Carp’s Leaf since it’s within range anyways. Then launch yourself to where the Sacred Simulacrum is, i.e., the owl statue. Press T to grab it, then fly all the way back to the shiny pedestal. Press E to place the Sacred Simulacrum on the pedestal. That’s one preparation done!

Placing the Sacred Simulacrum in place.

For the other one on the bottom, you have to bring home this Seelie. There will be two Hydro mimics on the way back. Once it’s home, it’ll reveal the Sacred Simulacrum. Press T to grab it and press E to place it on the pedestal.

How to prepare the Rainjade Rite.

Now, you’re ready. Go back to Fujin and talk to her. She will try to initiate the ritual but found out not even the full ritual was enough to make up for her lack in power. So now we have to also help her recover that and head to the Adeptus’s Repose.

Entering the Adeptus’s Repose

The Adeptus’s Repose is located in Yaodie Valley, just west from Bishui Plain or south from Upper Vale. When you approach this area, you will have to clear the Miasma 3 times again. Like before, just kill the leader and you can immediately clear the Miasma by pressing T while looking at the tree.

When you enter the cave, you’ll have to start working on puzzles again. Start by placing back this Sacred Simulacrum back to its pedestal.

Adeptus's Repose puzzle solution.

Now press T again to grab the same statue back and go deeper into the cave. Go up the stairs next to the small study area and place it there. It will then give you a hint on what to interact with: a stone slate.

And by that, he meant this one with familiar characters drawn on it.

Adeptus's Repose puzzle solution in An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade quest.

Once you’re here, approach the Fujin and the mural to initiate the conversation. A lot more of lore drop here, so we won’t spoil you! She then sends you back to the area before this. Press T on the stone slate now to summon the Golden Carp Fish.

Collect the Spirit Orbs (3)

Next up is Mt. Xuanlian. You can use the Waypoint in Yaodie Valley and then just walk along the river to the south for a minute to reach this area. Unlock the Waypoint for Mt. Xuanlian and keep walking until you reach the pavilion with 4 Carp Statues.

Here, you’ll need to find 3 Spirit Orbs as they will be necessary to find the Golden Carp. And along with this, you’ll have to solve Jade Cascade puzzles.

Spirit Orbs location from Chenyu Vale World Quest.

Spirit Orb #1 is right next to the pavilion. Jump down a little to find the orb here locked behind a Jade Incense Cauldron mix with Jade Cascade puzzle. Press T on the giant hairpin that was left behind by Fujin and then move it to the other floating platform to weigh it down.

How to collect Spirit Orbs.

Then stand behind the incense here. Press T to retrieve the Adeptal Energy and lit up the incense. Look to your other side and stand behind the incense again to the other cauldron. This will unlock the Spirit Orb that you can retrieve by using your Adeptal Energy!

How to collect Spirit Orbs.

Spirit Orb #2 is to the north from here. You can ride the Golden Carp’s Leaf and drop to the bottom where the Jade Cascade puzzle is. Simply move the hairpin to the other side and then place the Sacred Simulacrum statue on the floating platform. Then, grab the Golden Carp Statue and move it to the platform directly below the hairpin. And you’re done!

How to collect Spirit Orbs.

Spirit Orb #3 is a walking distance to the east from here. Similar to the second one, simply move the hairpin to the other side and place the Golden Carp Statue on its platform under the hairpin. Now you can retrieve the Spirit Orb.

Now return to the pavilion and use your Adeptal Energy to activate the Spirit Orb inside the statues. Fujin will materialize and talk to you all more about her past. Afterward, teleport and follow her back to where the rite will take place. Talk to her to initiate the ritual that will remove the fog and reveal Mt. Laixin.

Lingyuan Boss battle (Solitary Suanni)

Ride on the Golden Carp portal that’ll bring you to the Waypoint easily. Then, accompany Fujin who’s now back to the form of a Golden Carp. Clear out the miasma as you make your way up with Fujin. One Golden Carp ride a few more meters of walking we’ll finally arrive.

Get ready to fight some Xuanwen beasts, the new enemies added along with the update 4.4.

Xuanwen Beasts from Chenyu Vale World Quest.

Continue following her all the way up Chiwang Terrace. Don’t forget to open the Waypoint.

Get ready for several waves of hilichurls here as you protect Fujin. Don’t forget to use Adeptal Energy to remove the miasma which will instantly remove the enemies.

Afterward, it’s time for the boss battle: Lingyuan. And as usual in Genshin Impact, “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” boss battle is an easier version of the original Solitary Suanni boss.

An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade boss battle in Genshin Impact.

Bring cryo/pyro characters like Gaming or Ayaka as it will stun her during her charging. On the other hand, you cannot deal as much damage with hydro and anemo characters.

Once you win the fight, we’ll finally be able to have a talk with “Bluey” or rather, Lingyuan. After much talking, we have to send back Little Mao to Qiaoying Village.

We have saved the tea predicament of Chenyu Vale! This also concludes the third act of the Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Gate World Quest, “An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade” in Genshin Impact. But we’re not done yet–stay tuned for the epilogue!

The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose (Act 4)

To initial the The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose quest, you have to go to the next day in-game time. Paimon will inquire about Fujin’s health and ask us to go visit her at Chiwang Terrace.

  • Speak to Lingyuan.
  • Go to Carp’s Rest.
  • Enter Carp’s Rest.
  • Look for Fujin.
The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose quest start on Chiwang Terrace.

Lingyuan may look aloof and all, but as we reach the terrace, we find her just standing there. She couldn’t get into Carp’s Rest and wanted to check on her, so she asked for our help. She totally wasn’t waiting for us to help her because we have her Adeptal Energy that allows us to enter Carp’s Rest.

Anyways to enter her space, get as close to the floating Votive Rainjade and press T. We’ll immediately be transported to her home. The Waypoint will also be unlocked automatically and with this, we’ve permanently unlocked Carp’s Rest.

How to enter the Carp's Rest from Chiwang Terrace.

Head to the middle area and after talking to her, you unlock the Rainjade Oblation. This is a mechanic players will be familiar with as it’s akin to the Oculus but is instead referred to as the Spirit Carp. There’s a maximum amount of 50 Spirit Carps (and here’s how to find all 50 Spirit Carps!).

For some more extra cuteness, talk to Lingyuan who’s just next to the Rainjade Oblation here.

With that, you’ve cleared “The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose” quest and unlocked the Votive Rainjade in Genshin Impact.

And that concludes our complete guide for the Chenyu’s Blessing of Sunken Jade questline in Genshin Impact’s Chenyu Vale Update 4.4! If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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