Genshin Impact: Descent Dual Pressures Guide

Bunny-hop platform to platform!

Genshin Impact: Descent Dual Pressures Guide

The beautiful world of the Golden Apple Archipelago is the favorite of a lot of players. But as of recently, there have been mirages that have appeared somewhere around this entire map. It is your job to go and take care of it. You can take care of this problem by going through all of the challenges. In this guide, we will be showing you the Descent Dual Pressures challenge and how you’ll need to finish it. Let’s get started.

Descent Dual Pressures Guide – Genshin Impact

As with every other Reminiscent Regimen, you will need to start the challenge first. For this, you’ll need to go to the Twinning Isle as shown in the picture down below.

Here you can teleport and right next to the teleporter you’ll find the blue-shaped sword from where you can start the challenges. This is what it should look like:

You can select it and then press the Match Up button to begin.

The Challenge

You will start off on a very high blue floating platform. First, you will need to Match up with other multiplayer people. You will need to wait for a total of around 60 seconds(depending on when you joined) and then go through the preparation phase. Once this finishes you will start the match.

While going down you will spot the Aegis of Descents. They can give you different kinds of buffs depending on which ones you chose to pick.

Once the Preparation phase finishes, we will need to say this again – DO NOT JUMP OFF TO THE SEA! – A lot of players are doing this and losing a life because of it. Instead, you will need to glide towards the other floating blue platforms that are going to be right next to you.

You will need to kill a total of 32 opponents that will each be placed under you on the floating platforms. Make sure to pick up all the yellow tokens you’ll see here. They are the Reminiscence Tokens and they are very valuable.

It is a very simple challenge really. Simply go platform to platform and clear out all the enemies that you will see spawning here. If combined with your 3 team members this challenge should be fairly simple to finish from start to end.

You’ll see the Aegis of Descent after the second platform so make sure to pick it up for a random buff to your liking.

Keep following the coins. Where you’ll see more coins means that your destination for walking. The more you have the better. Make sure to glide when needed so as to not fall down and die. When you get to the very end there will be a whole line of coins. So make sure to pick all of them up!

Then in the end you will simply need to jump to the surface of the sea and the challenge will be complete. Congratulations! Now go ahead and try it out for yourself.

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