Genshin Impact: Enkanomiya Date’s Challenge Puzzle Solution | Underground Labyrinth Solution

Need help solving the Date’s Puzzle? Take a look at this guide!

Genshin Impact rolled out a new update adding a new character and tons of events for you to participate in. The Underground Labyrinth Puzzle takes place on the new island in Inazuma. Read on below for the solution to the puzzle!

Underground Labyrinth Solution — Genshin Impact

To start the puzzle, go to the Serpent’s Heart Island in the Inazuma region. Use the central teleport waypoint to go to the quest area. Once there, drop down to the underground labyrinth and head north.

Activate the mechanism here to start the puzzle. Go to yourleft, you will see a triangle statue here.

Attack the statue once and go past the newly activated walls. There is a switch at the northernmost pole here so activate that as well.

Now go to the triangle statue on the other side, to your right. Attack this triangle statue three times and activate the switch on the southernmost pole, next to the newly activated walls.

Go back to the other triangle statue and hit this statue once. Switch to Evernight and you should be able to unlock the Luxurious Chest in the room.

And that is how you solve the Underground Labyrinth puzzle! How’s the loot?

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