Genshin Impact: Escape from Khaj-Nisut Guide

Running from a dark void portal? – Piece of cake!

When escaping from the Khaj Nisut you will need to be swift, fast, and precise. There will be lots of moments where you’ll need to take a quick turn and think of a strategy. Follow the tips shown in this guide to the point and you’ll escape without an issue. Let’s get started.

Escape from Khaj-Nisut Guide – Genshin Impact

Something to know before you start doing this guide. Whenever you’re going to be falling down the holes in order to escape from the dark void you will want to GLIDE. This is the single most important thing that you’ll need to know.

There are tons of invisible walls that can get you killed if you’re falling without gliding. Okay, with that out of the way, we can begin.

The first thing that you will see while doing the Dreams Beneath the Searing Sand is a very big dark void portal that is coming towards you. It is not friendly. Not friendly at all. That is why you will want to make a run for it and you’ll need to be very fast.

You will run towards the wall that is on the other side of this void thing coming at you. There aren’t any doors that you’ll need open here. Instead, you will be looking for a very big hole that should be next to the statue on the wall. It is located here:

Run towards it and jump inside. Like we’ve stated in the beginning, GLIDE when falling! Then you’ll get to the lower level. Here you’ll want to take a 180-degree turn and start running fast to the other side of the wall. Here too you will find another set of a big hole in which you need to enter inside. Jump and start gliding again.

This hole now is the most tricky out of them all. If you do not glide at all you’ll end up dying and probably losing 3 of your characters. That is why you’ll need to fall down with caution.

Once you get down you’ll notice that you’re walking on top of an invisible wall. Do not walk straight or to the left. Instead, take a right turn. Once going to the right you’ll fall down a level to the lower invisible wall. Now take a left and you’ll hit ground level.

Then once at the bottom level just go to the big door that is shown on your mini-map. Once you get there you’ll activate a cutscene and you will complete the quest. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in escaping from the dangerous Khaj-Nisut. Hopefully, you listened to our advice about gliding and you didn’t die even once. Good luck!

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