Genshin Impact: How To Lower The Water At Amakumo Peak (Puzzle Solution)

Find the very well-hidden treasures of Amakumo Peak!

With the release of a whole new archipelago in the 2.1 patch, the developers of Genshin Impact have added some seriously complex puzzles here and there that can send you in circles for hours. Well, that is exactly why we’re here, to help you with some puzzles that sometimes prove to be too much for you. The floor tile puzzle and the colored barriers puzzles are pretty unintuitive, so we’ve decided to write this article in hopes of helping each and everyone of you!

How To Lower The Water At Amakumo Peak (Puzzle Solution) – Genshin Impact

This will all start with the shining blue tile puzzle in the middle of Amakumo Peak. You will see 9 tiles, out of which 4 are illuminated.

The way to solve this is to illuminate the ones that are shut now and shut down the ones that are illuminated. You turn on or off one of the tiles, you just have to walk over them.

In the end they should look exactly like in this picture:

When it looks like this, walk over one of the illuminated tiles again and a chest will appear in the middle, with a mechanism will appear to your right that you will have to start.

When you interact with the mechanism, the water in the lake will slowly descend and you will discover the dungeon with treasure.

To lower the water even more, defeat the enemies that are in there and you’ll see another mechanism appear. Start it and the water will give way to an even bigger dungeon and a hard puzzle.

The colored barrier puzzle will be harder to explain but I will try my best. When you get down, you’ll first see a red switch. Interact with it to open the red barrier in front of you.

Next, turn on the yellow one on your left, turn on the red one inside the room, then come back and turn the yellow one again. This will open your path upstairs.

You will make it to a passage that is blocked by a red barrier but has a yellow switch. Turn it on and go upstairs.

You will find a red switch next to a yellow barrier. Turn it on and jump down on your left to find the corridor you were in before. Turn the yellow switch on again and go back the way you jumped down.

For the next part, you’ll just have to find the red and yellow switches, turn them on and follow the blue ghost that’s been showing you the way. You’ll find the final switch and all the treasure!

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