Genshin Impact: Proceed Deeper Within The Ruins Guide

Just keep going down!

Proceed Deeper Withing The Ruins Guide - Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has gotten its newest and probably most interesting new zone. It is the desert area that is on the south west side of the map. It is filled with many pyramids and secrets and you’ll need to go deep inside them to understand them. In this guide, we will be showing you how to Proceed Deeper within the Ruins. Let’s get started.

Proceed Deeper Withing The Ruins Guide – Genshin Impact

This is part of The Secret of Al – Ahmar questline. You will be required to go digging deeper and deeper inside the ruins that you’ve just uncovered in the new desert area of Genshin Impact.

First Place

There will be a total of 2 places that you will need to discover in order to complete this quest.

You will proceed to walk through the ruin and enter the first big door that will be on your way. You can just go on the right side and activate the structure. This will open the door. Inside here will be a Cell that you will need to activate. Once you do so start walking to the left.

Once here just keep following the road that will take you to the left. There will be a couple of enemies that you will need to defeat if they go aggro on you.

There will be a total of 4 cells that you can rotate in this area. You will want to rotate 2 from one side to the one door of their side. So it should look something like this on the picture below.

Once you do so, you will get the door to open. There are a total of 4 rooms in this entire area. You can open them all in the same way. Some will have chests and some will have a road for you to keep going deeper and deeper. Also, be careful because once you open a door an enemy will spawn.

In one of the rooms(the one to the right), you will find this structure. Activate it to get a floating blue orb to start flying. You will need to follow it. Keep following it and it will take you to the other area from where you came from.

Then it will attach to a structure. Release it and it will start going to the right. Now you will have a whole lot of walking. It is going to be taking you deeper and deeper. You will simply have to follow it all the way.

It will get to the big gate area and you will complete one of the tasks and places.

Second Place

We will assume that you are at the finishing place of the first place. Now you will want to jump down and find this cave right here. There will be a couple of enemies next to it that you’ll need to defeat first.

Once you get inside the cave you will find a couple of enemies. Take them down first so you will have more room to rotate the cell and device.

Once they are down you will go to the Cell structure and just hit Release. It will move to the other side and open up a door for you.

Get inside this room and you will spawn a Rotate Cell structure once again. You will need to pick up the Cell again and rotate them in this way.

Once they are like this you will have the option to hit Release and get a floating orb that you will need to follow for a long time yet again.

Now it is simple. You will follow the orb to the location of where it ended up in the First Place.

Once it gets here you will finally open the gate and be able to proceed even deeper into the ruins. Congratulations!

We hope that this guide was helpful and aided you in this difficult quest. Have fun following the orb around!

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