Genshin Impact: Search For The Key Near The Mouth Of The Spring

I don’t see any keys here!

Genshin Impact features some really cool new quests as part of Update 4.2. These quests will have you continuing to help your Fontaine Friends that you interacted with in the previous update. Additionally, there are new areas and characters that you can use as you explore through what the new update has to offer.

In one of these quests, you will get the objective: Search for the ‘key’ near the mouth of The Spring. This objective can be a bit confusing as there doesn’t seem to be an obvious key located in the Spring area. Not to worry, we have you sorted out. In this guide, we will show you how you can get past this objective very quickly. Let’s dive in and find this key.

Genshin Impact: Search For The Key Near The Mouth Of The Spring

The Search for The Key Near The Mouth Of The Spring objective is located in the Loch Urania Spring in the Fontaine Section of the map. You can navigate to this area by setting a custom marker.

Loch Urania location on map in Genshin Impact.

When you arrive at the spring, you will notice a beautiful floating water at the end of the spring. Once you are done admiring the view, Dive into the Spring.

Diving into Loch Urania Spring in Genshin Impact.

When you dive into the Spring, you will see these floating Purple Orb-like enemies that start fighting you.

These enemies have corrupted the Spring, and you will need to defeat all of them. In the area immediately below the spring, you should find plenty of them to kill.

Defeating purple enemies in Genshin Impact.

Once you have defeated all the Purple Enemies in this area, swim towards the waterfall while staying deep in the water.

Here, you will see a Vortex that will take you further deep into a cave-like tunnel in the Spring.

Entering Vortex in Genshin Impact.

Once you go through the Vortex and reach the end, you will see more Purple enemies. Defeat all of them. Doing so will remove the corruption from the spring.

Fighting purple enemies in Genshin Impact.

You will know that you have defeated all the Purple enemies because a small cutscene will play. This cutscene will show a scenic view of the Spring as it clears out.

Mouth of the Spring cutscene in Genshin Impact.

After that, you can make your way back through the tunnel towards the Mouth of the Spring. As you do so, you will notice an Altar with a golden glow on top of it. Approach the altar and Investigate the golden glow.

Investigating altar in Genshin Impact.

This will play another cutscene where your characters notice a Vishap next to the altar. This will conclude the objective and lead to your search for the key being fruitless for the time being.

However, be prepared as this mission is not over and some excitement is coming your way!Also, be prepared for a fight as the Vishap wakes up. All we’ll tell you is that it won’t be happy to see you!

Mouth of the Spring altar cutscene in Genshin Impact.

That’s everything you need to do for the “Search For The Key Near The Mouth of the Spring” objective in Genshin Impact. The mission is quite straightforward but can be a bit confusing since there is no actual key at the end of this objective. As a result, you will simply need to kill the Purple enemies to be able to further the quest. Make sure you kill them all, otherwise the objective will not complete!

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