Genshin Impact: Spur Gear C & T Puzzle

Gather the Spur gears.

Genshin Impact Spur Gear C & T puzzle
Genshin Impact Spur Gear C & T puzzle

More Luxurious Chests have been added to the new Fontaine region in Genshin Impact and this time, we have Spur Gear C & T puzzle to solve. These gears are spread across the new region in chests and it’s up to you to find them on your own. But don’t worry, we’ll show you where to find them and how to solve the puzzles.

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Spur Gear C & T Puzzle

The first Spur Gear C you can find is to the east from the Central Laboratory Ruins. It’s inside this Hilichurl hut with a locked chest.

If you did the challenge in front of the house, then you may have a hint of what you’re supposed to do here: destroy everything inside the hut!

Genshin Impact Spur Gear C
Pictured: Solved puzzle with all the destructible objects gone.

You’ll unlock the chest that way and get your first Spur Gear C.

The Spur Gear T is just below the hill to the east from here. There’s another Hilichurl camp here with a Stabilizer inside the main hut. You can activate it by using the Terminal in the hut down the stairs guarded by a Pyro Abyss Mage.

Solve the Stabilizer by hitting the machine when the arrow stops at the blue indicator. This one is actually considerably hard to time, so if you’re having trouble, use a bow character’s charged attack. Preferably one that doesn’t come with extra hits so you can accurately hit the Stabilizer.

Genshin Impact Spur Gear T

The final Spur Gear C is a simple “kill everything on sight” chest. After you kill the hilichurls, the cages will unlock and release 3 Meka dogs.

Kill everything and you’ll get your exquisite chest with the Spur Gear C inside. Don’t forget to break the boxes nearby for extra Subdetection Units.

Genshin Impact Spur Gear C

Spur Gear C & T Luxurious Chest

Once done, go back to the first Spur Gear location. Rotate the knob and you’ll summon a small Hydro slime.

After killing it, there’ll be a current to ride up to the top of the robot. You can pick up the Mysterious Ore and it’s time to assemble the Initial Skill Sample No. 2.

Use a Pyro character to light it up and watch Yoimiya’s dreams lit. And that’s the end of the Spur Gear C & T puzzle in Genshin Impact! The Luxurious Chest will appear after the fire goes out on its own.

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