Gigantic: Rampage Edition – Best Creatures Tier List

Now that the game has been revived, let’s take a look at the creatures you can utilize!

Gigantic: Rampage Edition is the resurrected version of an old MOBA third person shooter that died several years ago due to the lack of a healthy playerbase and having rough competition at the time. Now that it’s back, both new and returning players are trying to figure out the current meta. In this tier list, we will be ranking the creatures that you can summon in the game from best to worst!

Best Creatures Tier List

Before we begin, it should be noted that this is purely subjective and will likely not be the most accurate ranking in the future when new creatures or balance updates are rolled out. With that said, here is a ranking based on the community’s (very early) opinions.

S Tier

The creatures under this tier are generally considered to be great choices in almost every situation. You can’t really go wrong with any of these options listed below.

  • Shadow Cerberus – In addition to being relatively hard to kill due to its abilities, this creature in particular is also useful for keeping potential backdoor attackers occupied. Its adult version can also provide some passive healing and stealth for nearby allies.
  • Winter Bloomer – Bloomers are a staple due to their ability to heal friendly targets. Apart from that, the Winter Bloomer in particular has some great offensive utility due to its ability to slow and freeze in an area even as a youngling.
  • Yeti Cyclops – Just like the Winter Bloomer, this version of the cyclops can also apply a freezing effect on one of its area of effect attacks. It is also great due to its ability to create a wall, which will also apply a similar freezing effect when upgraded to its adult version.
Gigantic: Rampage Edition player choosing a creature to summon

A Tier

The creatures in this section are pretty decent alternatives to those at the top, and some of them can have niche uses depending on your playstyle. They can easily slip right into the top tier if you know how to utilize them well.

  • Autumn Bloomer – This bloomer is a better option for players who value mobility over the Winter Bloomer’s freeze attacks. An upgraded version of this creature can provide both stealth and bonus move speed that can be beneficial for both ganking and escaping.
  • Storm Drake – This version of the drake can be very annoying to deal with due to its area of effect attacks that can hit you from far away. The adult version of this creature deals even more damage, though it’s not the best at helping you deal with backdooring enemies.
  • Crimson Infernal – The infernal is a decent alternative to the Shadow Cerberus on certain maps as it allows your team to rotate faster. Its portal stays active as long as it is alive, so try to protect it for as long as possible.

B Tier

Just like those in the previous tier, the creatures in this category are also okay alternatives to those above them. The downside is that they have very niche uses that may only be useful if you know how to take advantage of their specific upsides.

  • Summer Bloomer – The default bloomer that everybody starts out can be a surprisingly useful and cost effective alternative. It will do a great job at healing until you can get better versions that can provide other bonuses on top of that.
  • Mountain Cyclops – The default cyclops is also a decent alternative for newer players as it can be almost as good as the Yeti Cyclops by virtue of it being cheaper to upgrade in exchange for having much fewer effects to apply.
  • Ancient Obelisk – This one can only be placed on certain points, and it does not grant the enemy any power when destroyed. It’s great for applying extra pressure on the enemy team, but you should be wary of its immense fragility and lackluster damage.
  • Riftborn Cyclops – This one is extremely situational and should only be chosen if you can take advantage of its transparent wall. Basically, its adult version can create a wall that allies can shoot through, so only consider picking this if you can capitalize on that feature.
Gigantic: Rampage Edition player approaching an enemy summer bloomer

C Tier

While not necessarily bad, these creatures are more often than not completely overshadowed by all of the other choices in the game right now. You can experiment with some niche setups using them, but there are definitely much better alternatives out there.

  • Stone Cerberus – While it can be incredibly tough to take down, especially on one’s own, it is also prohibitively expensive. There are way better uses for your resources, though it still has the potential to be useful sometimes.
  • Cerberus Majoris – The only positive that the default Cerberus has is that it is the cheapest of its kind to upgrade. Consider replacing it with the Shadow Cerberus as soon as you possibly can.
  • Fire Drake – This one, despite being cheaper, is just a straight downgrade from the Storm Drake. Its damage output is way too low due to it relying on burn, so you’re absolutely better off using the other version of this creature instead.
  • Spring Bloomer – Its specialty is providing a purifying effect on allies. While this may be helpful sometimes, the other bloomers straight up just provide much better bonuses or are cheaper (as is the case with the default one).

And those are all of the creatures currently implemented in the latest version of the game, with more likely to be added down the line if it continues to prosper. While you’re here, check out our best builds guide for Gigantic: Rampage Edition as well!


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