Go Pee At 3 AM: Complete Guide & How to Get All Endings

Who knew going to the bathroom this late would be so hard?

Go Pee At 3 AM is yet another entry in Roblox’s long line of games in the ever-growing genre of experiences revolving around struggling to do a seemingly simple task. In this one, you wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly have the urge to go to the bathroom, but will it be that easy? Here is a guide for all the endings!

Complete Guide & How to Get All Endings

We’re starting off with the basic Good Ending, as it is the simplest and most straightforward thing that you can go for in the game.

There are around 16 different endings in Go Pee At 3 AM as of writing this guide. Some of them require a lot more steps than others, so let’s get started with one of the easiest ones!

#1. Good Ending

At the start of the game, immediately grab the red key on the nightstand right beside your bed. Use this to unlock the door to leave your room. It’s an odd way to lock your own room, but that’s just how it is.

Go Pee At 3 AM opening the bedroom with red key

Upon opening the door and leaving the room, turn right and go through the first door on your left. This will lead you to the bathroom.

Click on the toilet cover and click on the toilet itself one more time to trigger the Good Ending. That’s pretty much it, you did exactly what you needed to do as the title implied!

Go Pee At 3 AM opening the toilet to get the good ending

#2. Toaster Ending

For this one, do the exact same steps to leave your bedroom. After unlocking the door, head straight for the kitchen right in front of you. Unplug the toaster to pick it up, then head to the bathroom.

Go Pee At 3 AM unplugging the toaster from the kitchen

Plug the toaster into the outlet right beside the bathtub, then get in the tub and turn on the water. Once it fills up, press the red X button on the lower center part of your screen to let go of the toaster.

This is a seemingly unnecessary and morbid ending, but you can do it for a badge. Just don’t try this in real life, seriously!

Go Pee At 3 AM putting the toaster in the bathtub

#3. Pee in the Bed Ending

This ending is incredibly easy to get and will only take you a couple of seconds. After spawning in, just click on the bed beside you to trigger the Pee in the Bed ending, disappointing your mother in the process.

Go Pee At 3 AM peeing your bed ending

#4. Steal Ending

As usual, take the red key on the nightstand and leave the bedroom. This time, run straight to the right and go through the door at the end of the hallway. This will lead you outside the house.

Run straight towards the building labeled “the really real store” just in front of your house. Then, pick up any of the items and try to leave the building without paying to get the Steal Ending.

Go Pee At 3 AM stealing from the store and getting another ending

#5. Bad Ending

All you have to do to get the Bad Ending is follow the exact same steps you took to get the Good Ending. The difference is, this time you should not click on the toilet cover. Click on any other part of the toilet instead to get scolded for your bad aim.

Go Pee At 3 AM getting the basic bad ending at the bathroom

#6. Flood Ending

For this ending, leave the bedroom and head to the kitchen. Open the cupboard on the leftmost corner to get the Blue Key.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the blue key in cupboard

Now, turn around and you should see a door with a blue lock on it, just next to your bedroom. Unlock it and go inside, then grab the cat that is sleeping on the floor.

Then, head to the bathroom and raise the toilet cover. Stand in front of the toilet and unequip the cat by pressing the red X button to drop it into the bowl. This will trigger the Flood Ending.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the cat and placing it on the toilet

#7. Sink Ending

This one is pretty easy as well. Just head over to the bathroom and click on the sink. Congratulations, you just peed on the sink when the toilet was right behind you.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the sink inside the bathroom

#8. Explosive Diarrhea Ending

For this one, before you leave the bedroom, grab the money from your desk and the shelf to your left. This should amount to $15. Now leave the room and take the money from these places in the house:

  • The shelf right behind the couch, in front of your bedroom door.
  • Under the TV.
  • Bookshelf tothe right ofthe TV.
  • Both shelves inthe kitchen.
  • The cupboard above the kitchen counter.
  • On top of the kitchen counter itself.

With all of that cash, you should have $50 on hand. Leave the house through the front door and go to the store that you entered for the Steal Ending. Pick up the money on the bench along the way.

Go Pee At 3 AM some of the spots used to get money in the game

Inside the store, there will be more money on the counter. After getting it, pick up the pink key on the shelf to the right of the cashier. This will unlock the storage room, which you should enter next.

In here, grab the money from the shelf out in the open. Then, start opening all of the lockers to get as much cash as you can.

Go Pee At 3 AM opening the store's storage room and getting more money inside

You should now have $80 on you. With this, go back to the previous room and buy and eat all of the tacos on the shelf in the middle of the store. You can buy items by picking them up and clicking on the cashier.

After eating all of the tacos, go back home and enter the bathroom. Pull up the toilet cover and sit on it to trigger the Explosive Diarrhea Ending.

Go Pee At 3 AM eating tacos and getting the diarrhea ending

#9. Flush the Fish Ending

For this one, do all of the necessary steps to leave the bedroom and head to the store. Pick up the pink key once more and enter the storage room.

Instead of getting any money, just pick up the hammer leaning on the shelf in front of the door. With this hammer on hand, go back home.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the pink key and the hammer in the store

At home, smash the aquarium at the corner of the living room, just beside the bookshelf. Then, pick up the fish on the ground and head over to the bathroom. Open the toilet and unequip the fish to get the ending.

Go Pee At 3 AM picking up the fish and putting it in the toilet

#10. Porta Potty Ending

For this ending, you have to leave the house and talk to the guy wearing a hardhat right behind the store. He will tell you that he needs 10 planks before he lets you use his porta potty.

Plank #1

The first plank will be just under the slide in the playground immediately behind you after talking to the guy. You need to bring each piece to him every time you pick one up, so return to the guy.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the first plank and hardhat man

Plank #2

Now head over to the back of the town and get behind one of the trees behind the fence to pick up the brown key. You can use this to unlock the red house just beside this little forest.

Inside the house, there will be a plank leaning beside the bookshelf right in front of you as soon as you enter the building. Bring this to the hardhat man once more.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the brown key and opening the red house

Planks #3 & #4

Go back to the red house and enter the bedroom to your right. Open the wardrobe to find the next plank. On your way back, enter the store and you will see the next plank just between two shelves.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the next two planks in the red house and store

Plank #5

Go back to the store once more and open the storage room by picking up the pink key. The next plank is under the table in the room immediately to your right.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the next plank under a table in the storage room

Planks #6 & #7

After turning the previous plank in, run straight towards your house and go to the back. There will be another plank here. There is also one to the right of your house, behind the fence and streetlight.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the next two planks just outside your house

Plank #8

The next plank is inside your home. Go back in and take the blue key from the kitchen. Enter the locked bedroom in your house and you will find the 8th plank behind a shelf, near the cat.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the 8th plank in mother's bedroom

Plank #9

The next plank is on the roof of the store. All you have to do is climb the ladders right behind the building to get up there and grab it.

Go Pee At 3 AM climbing the scaffolding to reach the 9th plank

Plank #10

Finally, the last plank is right beside the red house in the corner of the small forest. Unfortunately, once you turn it in, you’ll find out that you were tricked. Now, the porta potty is barred up.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the 10th plank in the forest

Opening the Porta Potty

Head back over to the red house and go to the bedroom to your right. There, you will see a crowbar on the top part of the wardrobe. Pick it up and return to the porta potty beside the hardhat man.

Once you return, click on all of the planks blocking the door and finally click on the porta potty to get the ending you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the crowbar inside the red house and opening the porta potty

#11. Stop the Flood Ending

For this one, pick up all of the money that you previously took for the Explosive Diarrhea Ending. Once you have at least $75, you can buy the plunger at the store.

After bringing the plunger over to the bathroom at home, go and follow the exact same steps as the Flood Ending. This time, after dropping the cat, quickly pick up the plunger and click on the toilet to get the ending before the whole room gets flooded again.

Go Pee At 3 AM buying the plunger from the store and putting cat in the toilet

#12. Watering the Plants Ending

For this one, you have to leave your house and grab the brown key to enter the red house the same way you did for the Porta Potty Ending.

In here, head over to the room to your left and find the cactus right beside the TV. Upon clicking on the cactus, you will get an ending that we assume is incredibly painful.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the door leading to the cactus in the red house

#13. Red Pee Ending

In order to get this ending, you will need to find exactly $125 first. In addition to the spots that you used to get the money for previous endings, you can find more at the following places:

  • The lockers insideyour mother’s bedroom, to the left of the cat.
  • The nighstand in your mother’s bedroom.
  • Grab the golden key from your mother’s bedroom to open a cupboard full of cash beside the TV outside.
  • On top of the slide in the playground.
  • Under the dumpster beside the hardhat man from the Porta Potty Ending.

As you enter the store, you should be able to get enough by raiding the storage room once more. Buy the bottle of ketchup from one of the shelves and drink it before using the toilet at home.

Go Pee At 3 AM holding a bottle of ketchup inside the bathroom

#14. Kill Your Parents Ending

We have no idea what this has to do with going to the toilet at all, but you can get this morbid ending by first taking the brown key and entering the red house.

Enter the room to the right and pick up the knife from under the bed. Now go back home and unlock your mother’s bedroom with the blue key and click on her while holding the knife, you monster.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the knife and using it on mother

#15. Wake Up Mom Ending

On a lighter note, you can surprise her in a less violent way by waking her up. First, you have to find $100 by going around the spots you searched for previous endings.

With this money, you can go to the store and buy the airhorn for that exact amount. All you have to do now is unlock your mother’s bedroom and use the airhorn in front of her.

Go Pee At 3 AM location of the airhorn and using it on mother

#16. Pee Ending

Finally, you can get one last ending by simply standing inside your room and not doing anything for a prolonged period of time. Eventually, your character will just wet themselves and end the game.

8 New Endings

Yes, 8 new endings have been added to Go Pee At 3AM – such as the Electrified Ending, DIY Sandwich Ending and more! If you’re interested, make sure to check out our dedicated guide for that topic too!

That is pretty much it for this entire game. New endings may be added in a future update, but these are all of the possible ones for now. If you want to try out a similar game, check out our guide on how to get all of the endings in Get Divorced at 3 AM.


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