GPO: Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023

Free gifts and new stuff to get!

GPO: Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023 Featured Image

There are a lot of games out there that are still dropping updates even though the year is already ending. We’re not complaining though because new content is always welcomed in these games!

For Grand Piece Online, there’s the new Christmas update that comes with a bunch of freebies players can get. This includes a bunch of cool weapons that you have a chance of obtaining!

In this guide, we’ll show you all of the new stuff added in Grand Piece Online for the new update in Christmas 2023. Now, let’s see what all the new content is!

Complete Christmas Update Guide 2023

There’s a new Christmas update for Grand Piece Online and the fun part is almost everyone can join in the fun. That’s because most of the stuff added from the update can be found in the First Sea.

Not only that, but the new Christmas island is also in the First Sea and near the Starter island! Here is all the new content in the update.

It’s also the Anniversary update rolled onto one, so we get double the content!

Find & Fight Santa

When you’re in the game, you might notice that there’s a new icon on the compass at the top of your screen.

That’s the game pointing you to where Santa can be found and he’s on his sleigh flying around the map. You’ll want to go there and get some great gifts!

Once you find Santa, you’ll want to go up to him and attack him, when doing so he’ll sometimes drop some gifts on the ground. Make sure to use your best fruits for the best effect!

You can then go to those gifts and use them to open them. There are a lot of different things you can get from them.

Grand Piece Online Santa

Gift Drops

From the gifts that you can find from Santa, there are a bunch of items that you can get. Some of them are unique to the event while others are items that’s been part of a previous battlepass.

Grand Piece Online New Outfit 2023

Here are all the items that you can get from the Gift Drops:

  • Anniversary Suit 2023
  • Anniversary Dress 2023
  • Rocky Vicious Top Hat
  • Rocky’s Mysterious Hat
  • Firework Daggers
  • Firework Launcher
  • Prestige Firework Dagger
  • Presents Firework Launcher
  • SP Reset Essence
  • Dark Root
  • Festive Merry Dress
  • Frosty Festive Dress
  • Iceborn Daggers
  • Iceborn Rapier
  • Iceborn Blade

As you can see there are a lot of them. That’s because the update is a combination of two events, so we get double the items!

Grand Piece Online Iceborn Rapier

Anniversary Island

Since this Christmas update is also the Anniversary update, they also added the new Anniversary Island. It’s actually near the starter island so anyone can just go there as long as they can cross the sea.

When you get there, you can do an anniversary dungeon as well as get gifts!

Grand Piece Online Anniversary Island

That’s all of the content that you can expect with the new Christmas Update for 2023 in Grand Piece Online. Now, go out there and experience the update yourself!

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