GPO: How To Get Rich & Best Trading Guide in Update 9.5

Get the right trades with these tips!

GPO How To Get Rich Best Trading Guide In Update 9.5

Trading around items and getting rich in MMO games can sometimes be easy while oftentimes it’s an uphill battle. You’ll need to know a lot of things, from the value of your items to what are the hot new things to trade.

Trading in any game can be unforgiving and in Grand Piece Online trading can either be fun and profitable or a drag. It all depends on your luck and knowledge!

In this guide, we’ll show you the best way to trade with the new update 9.5 for Grand Piece Online. We’ll give you some tips on how to get rich in the game and get those high-value items!

How To Get Rich & Best Trading Guide in Update 9.5

Trading is not only an important part of Grand Piece Online, it’s also a competition. Everyone wants to get rich, not just you, and it can be quite cut-throat there.

You’ll need to know what to trade and what most players want. Here are some tips to help you get rich in GPO.

Knowing Values & Hot Items

To get started you should know what the value of each fruit or item is. This is the hard part because it’s always changing every day and even more with every update.

There are some items though that are always in high or low demand. An example of a high-demand item is the All Seeing Eye, which is always an item a lot of players are looking for.

SIDE NOTE: Best weapons usually mean high value – for that, here’s a detailed tier list which showcases all weapons from best to worst!

Peroxide Trade 1

Some of the best fruits are great for trading as well! Another example of an item is the Barrier Fruit for the opposite reason.

For more details, here’s a dedicated article for all the fruits in the game, ranked from best to worst!

It’s an example of a low-demand item and not a lot of people would want it. Knowing what the hot items are can come naturally when playing the game, but you can also do research.

Trading Discord Servers

The best place to look for trading opportunities is through the official discord server of the game. There are also a lot of fan-made discord servers that focus on trading.

Always be cautious with doing trades here though as there are a lot of scammers. Always know what the values are and don’t give any account details!

Peroxide Trade 2

Some of these discords also have bots that can give you the value of certain items. As much as they sound useful oftentimes, they’re not as updated as just asking people what the values are. Make sure to take information from these bots with a grain of salt.

Don’t Skip The Grind

Everyone has seen those videos of how players start with an uncommon fruit and trade it for the best one. Those challenge videos can motivate people but it’s not as easy as you can see.

You need a lot of luck and knowledge of trade values to do it and not everyone has that!

Peroxide Farming

Don’t skip the grind instead. Play the game, get valuable items, and trade them for good trades. Less risk – more reward and it is steadier than relying on luck that someone would want to buy your low-tier items.

With these tips, you can hopefully be on your way to getting rich in Grand Piece Online! Now, go out there and do some trading!

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