Grimoires Era: How To Get Broom Location Guide

Take to the skies!

In an open-world game like Grimoires Era, walking to every location can be a huge pain. Luckily, the devs know us well enough to make a game mechanic that shortens your travel time. Well, at least by a couple of minutes. With a broom, players can fly anywhere on the map and get rid of the hassle of twisting and turning on dirt paths. Here, I teach you how to get to the Broom location in Grimoires Era.

How To Get To The Broom Location

Getting the broom is a pretty straightforward task. Basically, you’ll have to go to talk to the Broom NPC in the game. After that, you must also participate in a mini-game, which rewards you with the Broom itself! I’ll provide more directions and instructions on how to get the Broom further in the guide.

Getting to the Broom Guy NPC

From the spawn point, you’ll see two NPCs. These NPCs will be colored yellow and purple, representing the two factions in the game. To the right will be the purple NPC and to the left will be the yellow one.

The evil faction NPC near the spawn point.

Keep going forward and go through these houses, keeping a straight path forward.

Direction to go from the houses near the spawn point.

As you walk in this general direction you will come across a mountain. Follow the curve of the map and go left from here. You will see structures that look like steps.

The mountain straight ahead from the spawn point.

Jump up to the top of this mountain from the steps pictured below. Don’t worry, you don’t need any specific grimoire to double-jump here.

SIDE NOTE: If you want to know how to get more grimoires, here’s a guide on how to get to the Grimoires Dealer.

The steps going up to the Broom Guy.

At the top of this mountain, you will find the Broom Guy NPC.

The Broom Guy NPC.

Talk to the Broom NPC and he will say he can teach you how to fly. At this point, you can decide whether or not the ability to fly is worth 2000 Yen. If you pay up, you will enter a minigame.

Broom Minigame

The broom minigame’s mechanic is basic enough. You will have to time when you press Enter/Click on the screen, so that the white bar stays within the red area. 

You’ll have a maximum of three attempts. If you miss all three times, you have to pay 2000 Yen again to get to the minigame.

This minigame can be difficult, especially when the bar starts speeding up, so make sure you have some Yen saved up if you really want this broom.

Preview of the broom minigame.

Once you succeed in this minigame, congratulations! You got the broom! Now, you can take to the skies and avoid having to walk anywhere. 

I hope that this guide helps you figure out how to get to the broom location, and I wish you good luck with the minigame! 

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