Grimoires Era: How To Get Grimoires Location Guide

Where can I gamble my grimoire spins?

A lot of the perks in Grimoires Era are heavily gacha-based – from your character race, your aura, and even down to your moveset – the gacha gods are in charge of your fate with every spin you make. While we can’t teach you how to get around this, we can show you how to get to the Grimoires Spin Location in Grimoires Era to make things easier for you.

How To Get Grimoires Location Guide

At the start of the game, you’re given a few chances to spin for Grimoires. In order to get more Grimoires, you must find the correct Grimoires Dealer NPC. After that, you’ll have to use credits to spin for Grimoires of different rarities.

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Mythical (like Anti Magic)

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Grimoires Spin Location (Dealer NPC)

The way to the Grimoire Dealer won’t give you too much trouble, so don’t worry about getting into any fights on the way.

EDIT (Update 1): The Grimoire Dealer is located just straight from this 2-storey building near the spawn point. You should be going pass through 2 sets of bridges on your way there.

Location of Grimoire Dealer in Update 1 of Grimoires Era.

Previous Patch Location

From the spawn point, head to the direction of the bandits. Their location will be indicated when you are doing the Bandit Giver quest. For those who currently aren’t doing that mission, head right from the spawn point and keep running in the direction indicated below.

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Direction to get to the bandits.

From there, keep going straight ahead until you reach the bandits. From there, you should take a slight left  going straight in this direction:

Direction to take left from the Bandits.

Keep going straight ahead. If you pass by this sign post, you’re going the right way. Keep running straight ahead.

Landmark from the bandits.

From here, it will be a straight line forward. Keep running and hit dash if you’re getting impatient. Just follow the dirt road as it turns. You will eventually come across this bridge.

First bridge to cross to get to the Grimoires Dealer.

You will pass by the Quest Giver. Don’t interact with him and just keep going forward onto the next bridge.

Second bridge behind the Quest Giver to get to the Grimoires Dealer.

Keep following the dirt path. You will see a castle with a green aura surrounding it. Head inside and go up the stairs.

The castle where the Grimoires Dealer can be found.

The Grimoires Dealer will be inside waiting for you. Talk to him and spin! Also, if you’re interested, check out this guide which shows you how to get infinite spins in Gimoires Era.

NOTE: If you’ve spent all your race spins, you won’t have any spins for your grimoire spins. The game hasn’t specified that these spins are the same, so many players have made this mistake.

Likewise, if you want more beginner tips like the ones I’ve provided, we have a complete beginner guide to Grimoires Era too. I hope that this guide on how to get to the Grimoires Spin location helped you get there.

But if you don’t feel like running to the Grimoires Dealer, I understand. Here’s a guide on how to get the broom in Grimoires Era. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.


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