Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Review – A Nostalgic Journey into the Wizarding World

An excellent magical experience!

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The previous several years have been genuinely fantastic for Potterheads. After Hogwarts Legacy was released, fans could fully immerse themselves in the magical world of Hogwarts. The enthusiasm and expectation among fans have now reached new heights with the highly anticipated global release of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a free-to-play collectible card game (CCG) and massively multiplayer online (MMO) wizarding dueling game with a tactical roleplaying game (RPG) twist. As they design their own distinctive wizard avatar and compete in epic duels with other players from across the world, gamers may fully enjoy themselves in the Harry Potter universe.

The Hogwarts Life we all wished for

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened sets place in a timeline after the events of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The players join the game as first-year students at Hogwarts and there are a lot of familiar faces like Minerva McGonagall and George Weasley.

The primary premise of the game is playing as a fresh student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who connects with Harry Potter’s fantastical universe. Therefore, there is not an actual story you are going to follow as it did in Hogwarts Legacy. The main part of the players’ journey is based on the CCG battles they participate in.

The fact that there is not a different story you are going to follow like fighting goblins to save the wizarding world, the story missions prevents the game from feeling repetitive.

Additionally, the fact that the story is based on the experiences of a young Hogwarts student is not something bad at all. In fact, it feeds the souls of many Harry Potter fans who always wished to attend Hogwarts.

The game begins with the Hogwarts letter’s arrival and after that, players visit Diagon Alley to get their first wands and Owls. After that, they take the train to go to Hogwarts and participate in the Sorting Hat ceremony at the school. Everything feels like a real, personalized experience and there are so many elements that make you feel like you are on a nostalgic journey to Harry Potter world.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Review

The Ability to Play with Friends

The best part of Magic Awakened is that it does not put you in the middle of a story all on your own. When we read the Harry Potter series, all of us were mesmerized by the beautiful friendship stories throughout the books. If I need to give an example of Hogwarts Legacy, I would say that even though I liked that game as well, I found it very frustrating that there was no option to play with my friends.

So, I can say that the way that players have the chance to interact with other people, participate in duels, take classes, and make team explorations together was something that made the game really enjoyable.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Review

Classes with Fun Mini-Games

Along with the CCG mechanics of the game, there are also some interesting mini-games for each class in Magic Awakened. So, the game is not all about collecting cards and beating your opponents in duels & story tasks.

There is a timetable that you can follow, and you do something different in every class. For example, you answer some related questions in History of Magic, you draw shapes, and try to understand other players’ drawings in Divination class. And you face a boggart that takes the shape of your fears and you try to defeat it by using your magic in Defence Against the Dark Arts class and many more.

Having some actual activities in classes rather than just seeing them as cutscenes adds a lot of depth to the story and makes you feel like you are an actual student at Hogwarts.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Review

Collecting and Using Cards in Duels

If you are not familiar with playing card-collecting games, this mechanic may initially seem unexpected to you and seem like an uninteresting concept. However, Magic Awakened incorporates this feature in a way that will catch anyone’s interest.

There are companion cards with famous names like Ron Weasley and Hermoine Granger. By collecting these cards, you can fight with them side by side.

You can gain power in the game without spending any real money by collecting and using the numerous cards that are accessible. This is a fantastic feature because it prevents some players from having an advantage over players who choose not to buy anything in the game. You can still purchase some cards and other goods with money. Nevertheless, if you choose not to do that, it will not put you at a disadvantaged status.

Card Deck

Great Graphics

You would not anticipate the best graphics from a F2P mobile-based game. However, Magic Awakened fully astonishes gamers in this regard. The game’s outstanding aesthetics can even be compared to those of some of the top-selling, high-priced mobile games. The character designs and locations are extremely well thought out, which really improves the whole gameplay experience.

From characters to classes, everything in the game has an exceptionally detailed visual. And it adds a lovely magical feel to the game. The characters and their environments’ vivid colors and sophisticated designs produce a visually engaging experience. The attention to detail in the graphics improves the whole experience and distinguishes Magic Awakened from its competitors.

Graphics Photo

But there are some performance issues…

Even though the game runs smoothly most of the time, it crashes occasionally. I would not say that it affects the gameplay in a very bad way. Because I did not come across a game crash at an important moment. However, these crashes might become a problem at some point.

The game also tends to lag when an excessive number of abilities are employed in Duel mode. Again, it does not last long and does not have a big impact on the game. However, it is still bothersome when you are completely immersed in the game.

Final Thoughts

Every aspect of Harry Potter: Magic Awakened nourishes players’ spirits. And that is precisely what made me feel as though I had been waiting all these years for this. A more immersive gaming experience is made possible through the story, gameplay, multiplayer possibilities, and interactive classrooms.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened offers a level of depth that is unmatched. From the engaging plot that transports players on an exciting trip through the wizarding world to the extensive gameplay mechanics that provide limitless exploration and discovery. The availability of multiplayer opportunities also adds a fun social component. Enabling users to team up with friends and go on magical journeys together.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened Review

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Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is the greatest game to play if you want to experience what it’s like to be a Hogwarts student. Cast spells, attend lessons, and learn mysteries in the enchanted halls of Hogwarts as you submerge yourself in the fantastical world of Harry Potter. This game provides a completely authentic experience that will take you right into the wizarding world with its magnificent graphics and captivating gameplay.


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